Will any company take me with this on my record?


Hey all. Ive been looking into going to school for a little while now. Yesterday I got my driving record, which is spotless and my criminal record from the courthoue. The only thing on my criminal record that could be a problem is a possession of cannibus charge from 4-9-05. Does anyone know of a company that will hire me out of school with that charge on my record? I was looking at Roehl's school but now Im not sure. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
If it is not a felony situation, it will not be as big of an issue. Personally, I would talk to the recruiters right away and see what they tell you. As long as you pass the drug tests now and this is all that is on your record, I wouldn't think it would be a huge factor.
Well, I talked with a couple companies yesterday regarding this and they both said 5 years from the arrest date. It was a misdemeanor, hardly anything, and passing a test now wouldnt be a problem at all. Im thinking of calling a lawer to see if I can have the charge expunged or sealed. Thanks for the advice.
tough call. but being 2.5 years old , it shouldn't be a problem. keep making phone calls and asking questions. and most of all don't just settle with a company to get a cdl. look for what you want to do and go for it. and stick with it. good luck

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