Why more women are taking trucking jobs


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I think more PEOPLE should choose trucking. I can’t count the number of people I’ve known that have been through job after job after job, always teetering in the brink of disaster.

My lights have always been on and my house always warm. Have I always had a wonderful time? Nope. I lost 18 pounds at ATS that 53 weeks, but always sent money home, and never fell behind on a payment.

I hear things like “I don’t think I’d like it.”

Oh, okay then. I guess starvation and deflecting responsibility is preferable.
Those same people you mentioned likely wouldn’t last long driving a truck, either. They want the big $$$ without putting in the effort to earn it.


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Probably wasn't Topic "Appropriate" I guess..

Tell ya what @Steelersjunkie, gonna go back practice some "Self-Moderation" here and Erase my own Post..

I'm "Old" enough to know "better" yet after afew beers I don't care and just let it all out..

Upon "reflection" that was very "inappropriate" and way Off-Topic

It wasn't exactly off topic. I just don't understand why women are seen as less than capable. I'm not here to march in a parade because I don't give a crap either way. If you are out here doing this job and taking the same risks and doing it well, I don't give a rotten rat's a** what your gender is. What we do requires a specific mindset. If you have it, you have it. I'll look at you the same no matter what. It's 2020. If we can't get beyond petty crap at this point I fear for the future.