Why is our Lap-Dog Legislator doing nothing to stop growing fuel prices?


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Why are our Lap-Dog Legislators allowing fuel prices to continue to rise?

We all need to understand just want is at stake for not just the truckers, but for all Americans.

The reasons behind higher & higher fuel prices has nothing to do with the growing demand for crude oil, and in turn fuel prices. I want to get this point across to everyone ....... there is enough crude in the ground to last us and the world hundreds of year or until we couch ourselves to death. If the point by the Gov is to get cars and trucks off the roads because they can't afford to fix the highway and bridges, or build more roads, or to make more rooms for those gigantic SUVs driven by the filthy rich, or to give the filthy rich more room at the resorts by making the working class to stay at home and watch the tube, or for whatever reason, they should tell us want the plan is, maybe we could work something out besides crushing America's working class. There is something else happening here. Last year they found 70 billion more barrels of crude in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico, 32 billion off the coast of Brazil, 320 billion barrels in the South China Sea ....... and catch this ....... an estimated 450 billion barrels of "SWEET" crude in Montana/North Dakota. So lets keep that in mind when they keep repeating "Peck Oil". When everyone but the Gov knows about all the oil out there in the real world.

Has anyone noticed how many of the tax payers highway are being turned into toll-roads. Some toll-roads are going to make truckers to pay as much as .50 cent per mile for traveling on them. And here the real kick in America's teeth, the roads are being taken over by foreign interests.


So want is happening is it that the Gov is selling off America's assets to pay our debts to other counties we own money to and we are in debt up to our eye-balls. There are more and more states turning our highways into toll-road because the Gov is spending $12 billion barrowed money for the Cheney/Bush war. The rich got tax cuts and we got a train-load of grief and corruption. Cities, counties, and states have had to rise taxes to offset the War for Democracy for people who don't give a crap about democracy. Like I said in another reply, we need to be more careful who we give the key to the chicken coop next time, if there is a next time.

So what's the point? The point is we need to know the real reason we sent our troops in to Iraq, why fuel prices are skyrocketing, the dollar is in free fall, food prices are going through the roof, working class children can't go to collage, our boarder are wide open, our hospitals are closing, that the food lines are getting longer every day, why our injured troops are not getting the care they need, why Cheney's meeting with the oil companies in 2001 are being kept a secret, why many website that tell the truth are being censored by Comcast, Google, and AT&T, why a number of large corporations are moving to Dubai . Is it possible that the myth about the "North American Union" (Google it) is in fact not a myth.

We didn't need to go into Iraq. We could have easily put a $25 Billion bounty on Saddam's head .... with the stipulation that for every day Saddam stays alive we take a billion off the table. You can bet your brakes that his own sons or his right hand men would have delivered Saddams head to the nearest U.S Embassy the first day the reward was offered ... and we would have save America's future children 3.5 trillion dollars. So again why are we in Iraq, when the bad boys are in Afghanistan, and because the troops are being stretched to the breaking point while the Taliban is coming back stronger. I keep up on this stuff because both my sons-in-laws are in Iraq.

I had to close the doors to my art business after last Christmas after 55 year because of gasoline prices, no one has the money to buy my work. My father was a trucker all his life, so I have a good idea how hard it is for truckers to make ends meet ever at the best of times.



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Good post Grey, and unfortunately all to true.

Here is a man with insight...

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrLih36gt_4&feature=related"]YouTube - JACK MCLAMB : MARTIAL LAW COMING TO AMERICA[/ame]



This Is So True

It's sad, Iraq was daddy George's doing. we r in a police action now,
We went to war and never completed but jumped boarders. and in doing so we distroyed America.We Don't belong.
I was watching the news the other night our dollar is worth almost nothing, stores over here would rater except euro's over our dollar.
Another sad thing is, If we bring our troops home, What r they coming back to? What Jobs, do they still have home's..............................
We all ,with the goverments help need to focus on how to fix our own country!
We don't even control our own banks! All the lenders r putting their money in China. Look at the homeless, people who have know jobs, Know money. And house after house sitting empty. a gallon of milk $5.00 or more ?
If we open up our oil, It would put America back on track. we need jobs and not people taking advantage of what's become dropping hourly pay from what use to be 12 to 15 an hour to 7.When u can find them.And everything else going up around us.
Have u noticed the police r hiring? They know as this keeps going crime will keep getting worse, People r now stealing to eat.
And yet everything done Is meant for the rich. How far do they think $600. or $1200. will last that's not help. It's a tease. A family of 4 it's about a month's worth of food! and maybe a candy bar.............................
and if they r one of the lucky one's maybe pay a months rent or morg. So it prolongs it but it's not real help. I'm glad my dad who fought for our country is dead, Because everything thay fought for has been distroyed! I don't think he could have stand to see what America has become.
It's not just the truckers it's everyone.
The young, The Old and the future!


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The main reason we do not have a voice could be the lack of honest representatives!

This woman is the exception to the rule...I admire her honesty.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAs7XZVgKhI"]YouTube - Marci Kaptur North American Union Cintra[/ame]

And his also...


And this man could be our next President, if we had an honest election and unbias media!!!!!!!!!!!! Ron Paul 2008



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Truckers its up to us...Lets unite and stand up to the treasonous sob's trying to steal our nation! High fuel prices are only the tip of the iceberg. Shutdown for the right reason, that reason is we have lost control of this government!:order:

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