Why doesn’t OOIDA call for a strike?

This week, 90 percent of the thousands of calls to OOIDA are about the cost of fuel. Many are asking why the Association does not call for the members to strike. Read why OOIDA cannot call for a strike in Jim Johnston’s blog today.

As a trade association, it is not possible for OOIDA to organize a shutdown because it would be a violation of federal anti-trust laws. Criminal penalties could be imposed, those businesses and individuals who claim to be adversely affected by a strike action could initiate civil lawsuits, and the existence of the Association could be jeopardized.

Calling for a strike without the support of the majority would show weakness rather than strength, and the result would be increased economic hardship to the small percentage of truckers who do participate in the shutdown with no gains to justify their sacrifice.



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Copied this over from the news forum, and added a couple more snippets from the blog post.


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That 2nd quote is something that people don't seem to think about when they get all gung-ho about striking. Most truck drivers have become numb to the talk at this point.


I can tell you this strike or not we are all domed. We cannot continue to operate with the current fuel prices. For me its just a matter of time before I have say good-by. I have to support this strike/shutdown. What do I have to loose. I mean I'm not making anything except fuel money. I will be shutting down effective 29 march thru April 7th. We have to something. Shut it down!


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Here's the deal. If OOIDA cannot call for a shutdown due anti-trust laws than they need to call the TV writers that went on strike and ask them how they did it. " TRUST" that is what we truckers, owners and Americans put into our government system to keep prices under control and this is what you get $ 4.00 a gallon at the pump. Do what the airlines did yesterday and today, call for a safety shutdown.

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