Why did you choose a truck driving career?


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Or, if you haven't started driving, why are you considering a truck drivin career? Curious what got people into this lifestyle.

For me, I had family in trucking, and got to take many trips as a kid. Couldn't wait to start driving.
Why did I choose truck driving?

Because I couldn't sing or dance! ;)

Just one of those things I guess. I worked in a warehouse for a while, thought I would give this job a try. It has it's ups and downs, but overall I enjoy it.
I am just looking for a decent career. Been checking this out for a while, still haven't made up my mind whether to start driving or not.
I know a couple people that have been driving for a few years, and they like it. That is what got me curious enough to decide to give it a try.
That is what got me curious enough to decide to give it a try.

Just approach it with an open mind once you get started. There will be plenty out there that complain on the CB about how bad it is, especially those sitting around in truck stops. Just don't let the negative attitudes bother you.
I was just curious what it would be like, decided to give it a try and for the most part have loved the job. Has it's ups and downs, but for the most part, it is a good career, at least for me.
Just approach it with an open mind once you get started. There will be plenty out there that complain on the CB about how bad it is, especially those sitting around in truck stops. Just don't let the negative attitudes bother you.

I have already heard some of that. I have a CB in my pickup and have been talking to some of the truckers around here. Always somebody in range that interrupts and wants to tell me all the horror stories.
I try to tell everyone to keep an open mind, and make sure they are doing it because they enjoy it. If you don't like what you are doing, no matter what it is, do something else.
Been driving 5 mos love it, Just bought a new truck , got my on Auth, making great $.. Advice.. turn the cb off, and get a tom tom. good luck.
I am pretty new to driving, but would love to have my own rig. How hard was it for you to get your own truck and own authortity with only 5 months out on the road?

and what is a tom tom?
There are many in my area (I mean hundreds) who went into the business when the coal mines closed down and pretty much killed the town. With no industry to speak of they needed jobs that paid enough for them to support their families.

For my hubby, the biggest complaint is in some of the various companies he has worked for.
Many people choose truck driving after their current career goes South on them. For those that do, I hope they do plenty of research and know what they are getting into. It's not a bad job by any means, but it is different and you have to be prepared for a lifestyle change.
Money! My husband supports us on just his income, besides my couple hundred from the internet so it was a good source. He could make good money and didn't have to work out in the heat as often and could take off on holidays. After we had our son who is disabled last year, he came home and is sub-contracting as a welder but will be going back to trucking as soon as he gets a little more money saved up.
Although I'm not a truck driver, I once thought it would be a wonderful job to have. Traveling around the U.S., meeting new people, and always an adventure. I soon discovered I never would've made it as a truck driver, after getting my driver's license I learned I was a horrible driver! My attention span is zero, my night driving is horrendous and I can't sit for any length of time in a car. But, I still wish for the adventure.
It's not all that great. You see most of the us from the interstate, you see the wort part of most towns and you find out things about your fellow humans that you probably didn't want to know anyway.

Yes, it can also be great fun.....but you have to take the nasty with the good.
My ex has always toyed with the idea, but wanted to be around for the kids when they were babies and we were still together. We have been apart now for 2 years, and he just started in the truck driving about 5 months ago. He is doing it for the money, and the chance to see different places.
After traveling half the country in a motorhome for a year, I decided to take up truck driving so somebody else can pay my traveling expenses. But its like the previous poster has said, you see most of the country from the interstate. Sometimes, if time allows, I'll find a US hwy to travel and see a bit more. The downside is when you get to a destination or have to take your 10-hour or 34-hour break, you don't have other transportation to explore or go site seeing. I have rented a car, but that can get expensive if you do it too often.
I had a fascination for Big trucks, tractors and all kinds of farm equipment when I was growing up on a Christmas Tree farm in southern Michigan.

I think I drove everything that my father had..lol

My mother wanted me to be a doctor and my father wanted me to be a singer and I wanted to work with trucks in some fashion.

I met my husband who has driven now for over 20 years and acquired my CDL as well and took some college classes on computers and went to work for an LTL Carrier and have been happy that I did.

I don't know what it is about trucks but it's something inside a person that makes them want to be around them.:)
my high school guidance counsler told me i was too stupid to get a real job. he gave me two options, suicide or trucking. unfortunitly i couldn't afford a gun so i took up driving in '91 and have done it ever since. seen the good and seen the bad sides of it. overall a positive expeerience in my life.

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