Fuel Which states have the lowest biodiesel blend?


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@mndriver got me thinking about this in another post. Something I have paid little attention to is where you can find the lowest biodiesel blends when searching for places to get fuel.

Where can you get the lowest Biodiesel blend?
Are there any places where you can still avoid biodiesel?


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There are only a handful of states that actually require blending, more that promote or subsidize it.

Here in MO there was a proposal to require a 10% blend which has been kicked around for years.
Backed by the ag community (obviously) but I don't think it's slated as a mandate yet.

Our ethanol requirement is pretty common sense as far as dumbass big brother over-reaching gov't mandates go.
The state requires a 10% blend IF the price of ethanol is equal to, or below the price of regular refined gasoline.
It's a law that vendors would simply be stupid to violate since there is a financial disincentive to cheat so very minimal enforcement is needed which is how all these laws ought to be written IMO.

If oil prices continue falling as expected ethanol blends in MO ought to be a thing of the past which would suit me fine.
I hate the crap known as white rust.


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I generally run from Nebraska to Ohio, staying I-70 north to the Canada line. I can't recall a location that hasn't had some form of bio blend at the pump for several years.

Even in "ethanol central" where I live in Iowa (there are 46 ethanol plants around me), I can easily buy gas that doesn't have ethanol. All locations have ethanol treated fuel, but many also have dedicated ethanol free pumps. I don't really worry about it. Been using E10 since the late 70's / early 80's and have never had a fuel related problem. Even using E10 in my riding lawn mowers and such. The Yamaha portable generator that rides on the frame rail of my current truck gets a study diet of E10 and hasn't skipped a beat. My 2013 pickup has gotten a study diet of E15 to E85 and runs great. I pretty much feel the same way about biodiesel. Have used it in ag equipment, my Jeep Liberty diesel, 3 semi trucks, etc and never had a fuel problem due to it in almost 10 years since it started really showing up on a regular basis. Seems more to be a paranoia thing by some folks.


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Pilot app seems to be pretty good about notation the biodiesel blend in their listing, at least from the places I checked out today.

The stores in Mississippi on my route today had notations of 20% blend, so I pushed on into Alabama before fueling. Fueled near Decatur, and the pump said fuel may have between 5 and 20%.


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I find it best to just ask the station. They seem to be pretty decent most of the time of knowing what's available.
A friend and I are compiling a list of non-bio fuel stops. Here are a few to make note of if running I-80 across the midwest.

Sapp Bros, York, NE, I-80 ex. 353
Sapp Bros, Odessa, NE, I-80 ex. 263
Shoemaker's, Lincoln, NE, I-80 ex. 395
Dows Junction, Dows, IA, I-35 ex. 159

These might have some pumps that are bio in the summer, but each have pumps that are non-bio year round.



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Well, considering that I got $1.17 off the cash pump price today with the discount I got thru my carrier, I think I will just have to deal with any bio in the fuel. I filled today at Lasalle, IL Flying J for a cost of $2.09 a gallon with fuel tax included, $1.65 without the fuel tax, which is the way to determine the best price, since you pay fuel tax only on the fuel you use in a particular state you run thru. Whether you buy fuel there or not.

Let's compare some of your no bio outlets, with the discounts factored in I would have gotten....

Sapp Bros Odessa would have cost me $2.36 a gallon... .27 cents a gallon more.
Sapp Bros York $2.29.... 20 cents a gallon more.
Shoemakers Lincon $2.31 .... 22 cents a gallon more.

Now figure out how much that is over the course of a year.

To fuel at a location that is "bio free" at a substantially higher price is foolish. I have been using various level bio blends for over 6 years and have never seen any issues that make it being concerned about.
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