Which is safer, Team driving or solo driving


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My only experience with team driving was as a student. I have never much thought about partnering with another driver, though I hear you make the best money that way.

Anyhow, I thought about a couple scenarios.

First, I thought about the locations where drivers often find themselves. There have been times that I would have felt much safer if I had not been out there by myself. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a coward or anything, but in some places, having someone else around just seems more reassuring.

The part where I don't think it would seem as safe is the actual driving, but I guess it comes down to how safe each driver is individually.

Anybody else ever thought about this? For the first time, I am considering team driving, but really want to look into every aspect of it first.
I don't care how much you like your team driver, there's always going to be issues between you two.
When living in close quarters like that, I would imagine if he takes his socks off different then you, that's got to get on your nerves...lol

Alot of truckers just aren't cut out for that kind of driving.
But maybe you are, you never know.

I know of two truckers that started out as teaming and ended up almost killing each other. Not sure if this really made the job safer...lol

Iam sure others have more positive feedback, but my opinion is to think this thru very well and if you go into this type of driving, know exactly what you are getting in to.
I definitely understand the issue of living in close quarters.

I see places like Schneider now that have a setup where they have 3 drivers for a truck, where you rotate 2 weeks on, and 1 week off, keeping two people in the truck at all times.

When I think about the regular hometime, and the safety aspects of not going into bad places alone, it just gets more and more tempting.
The only way I'd be a team driver is to become a trainer. That way all the miles go into my pocket. As a team, the money gets split into two. But I don't think I'd become either as I don't get enough sleep when the truck is bouncing all over the place!

I would guess the statistics would probably show that team driving is safer in regards to your primarey concern, which is having someone else around in strange places.

Probably the same in regards to accidents and such, providing you have a safe co-driver. With two drivers in the truck, there never should really be a concern of violating the laws to get freight delivered and ending up falling asleep.

Now I am curious what the statistics are as far as percetages of team driven truck/wrecks, and solo driven trucks/wrecks.
The only way I'd be a team driver is to become a trainer.

That can really make you nervous. :)

I sent a guy back into the terminal once before he even got the truck moving good. No way I was going to let that dude drive my truck.
That can really make you nervous. :)

I sent a guy back into the terminal once before he even got the truck moving good. No way I was going to let that dude drive my truck.

Another reason why I wouldn't be able to sleep. I'd have to keep one eye open at all times. As for as the truck is concerned though, that wouldn't bother me. Because I'd always be a company driver with a company truck. Just turn it in and get a new one.
That can really make you nervous. :)

I sent a guy back into the terminal once before he even got the truck moving good. No way I was going to let that dude drive my truck.

I bet the real reason was he never changed his socks!...lol:eek:
I think this is why so many team drivers are husband/wife drivers. They already know each other's quirks and they are free to yell at each other as much as they want!
team safety

:)I drove with my husband for 8 years. I felt a lot safer with him than I did driving alone.
When finding a new customer--there were 2 sets of eyes looking for the signs.
I "talked " him into many docks (over the cell phone on loud speaker). Even if it was an easy dock, I gave him directions because it was faster.
When we arrived at the customer, I would do the checking in and call him with the door number and meet hism there.
Both of us did our share of the driving, but he did the backing up and I did the paperwork. He did the in depth pretirips. I always looked under the truck for puddles and tire problems. In fact I caught more tire problems than he did. He kept an eye on fluid levels, belts and engine problems.
If there was mechanical trouble with the truck--who ever was driving took care of it. One time he woke up when I pulled into a service bay. I hadn't even told him that while fueling, I noticed we had an air line gragging on the ground.
:eek:We had a "panic" word to wake the other if it was panic time. I used it once when I drove into a blizzard. I needed his eyes to find a spot to pull off. The panic word meant to wake up now!! neither of us are known for waking up fast.
:eek:We like to talk to each other a lot. More than once we got to talking and missed an exit, etc.
:mad:It is very hard to get into a mad, when you can only stomp 3 steps and slam a cloth door. Learn to compromise.
Get out of the truck at least once a day and eat a real meal. Eating in the truck is a bad habit that leads to other bad habits.
I found this great guy at our terminal.
Wow! It is quite amazing that you were able to work so well with your husband. I love my husband to death, but we do not work well together. Every time he is on vacation, he thinks up a project for us to work on. I say "sure, we could do that. Or we could stay married."
I think it is easy to say team. Makes more sense. Then I stop and think about it. I would have to kill anyone that was on my nerves for that long a period if I couldn't get away from them. So not safer for my co-pilot. :)
I think it just depends on what your personality is. If you are the kind of person who does not work well with others, or even if you just do not have a good team member, I can see how horrendous it could be. I would much rather drive solo, unless I was driving with a very close friend.
There is good and bad in everything. But if you are going to but your life in someone elses hands you should really trust that person.
I think that who the other driver was would play the biggest part in whether or not team driving would work for you. With the wrong person it'd be pure misery all the time.
I have teamed twice. The first was w/ a guy who seemed nice but soon showed how little self confidence he had. He always whined about how messed up his life was and sulked. He just oozed that vibe of not being worth anything and everything he did mirrored it. We only teamed 3 weeks. The next guy was a great co driver.
The two of us each had 12 hour shifts. 3 - 3. That worked well as he was a night person and I was day. No lates. Aways early. Laughed plenty. Same tastes in music. If he had not left for a better job w/ more home time (4 kids) we would still be teaming. It's all in what you can give up and give at the same time.
I love being part of a team. I've gone the solo route, and as a female, that was pretty scary at times. I like the cameraderie of having another driver with me on the road, plus it has worked out well in terms of having two sets of eyes so often. Great for driving, great for finding places, great for helping back into tight spaces . . . lots of great things about being part of a team.
Teaming or not

I think the biggest winner in team driving would be the owner or company of the truck and the load. I mean, wouldn't the drive time be cut down if there was always someone behind the wheel? Wouldn't that save the owner quite a few bucks?
i prefer solo. it's my alone time and time i get to think about things going thru my head and trying to figure a way to make them better.

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