Where is Mike? Where is he going? Don't ask him, he's probably lost.


Fun day so far today. Stared at the load board for a few minutes, then decided to go pick up the trailer and bring it back to the truck stop.

On the way to the trailer shop, brake chamber takes a crap on the truck, and very quickly ruined a couple tires.

Brakes fixed, now making the unplanned purchase of 4 new drive tires.

Was not how I planned on spending the day, lol.
Sounds like you had a worse day than me... at least a more expensive one


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Was it available in any other colors? White is too boring.

Did they have one in "radiant fire"?

(just trying to prep for @Keendriver's arrival here shortly.. 😂)
They did, but doors and top off most of the time, want something that was as cool as possible.

I did almost get a black Rubicon, but sanity kicked in before making that purchase.


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You get a new toy and the minute you get it home you take it apart. :D
Did manage to get the top put back on the back of it before I went back out on the road this week. Left the tops off the front and left all the doors off, though.

Wife took it to get steps put on today, the struggle for my short family to get into a 4wd is REAL!

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