what's your view right now? (or from whenever Flemming asks for them)

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Always gotta look like a tourist


Not really they will come for you. Agenda 21 :rolllaugh:
In the USA, yes, I am a tourist

This place makes no sense :dunno:


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yesterday,a load from He!!

2 am appointment to load,got there 1:43 am
woman said we have a problem....appointments are behind 10 hours.....then she said,you have to go have your hopper washed ou before we can load ya
nearest washout place 7 miles away,opens at 8 am
off I go and sleep there.Washed out and back at shipper 9:30 am...well,we`ll have to work you in...

left loaded 8 pm,all day long those birds in the pic was all over the place....... buzzards.jpg


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so I went the 15 miles or so to the mill....and had a good nights sleep,buzzard free...good news,I was first in line to unload this morning...I always get the boring routes,nothing exciting seems to happen...ho hum av.jpg


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I should change my user name to Ribber Duck 😁

My avatar can be a McDonald's McRib sammich.