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Life is a race
Last week I was coming back from southern Mississippi to St.Louis. I noticed something that I never noticed before. I passed about 15 trucks on I55 through Mississippi and about 5 of them let me know if was safe to come back in. I passed 6 4 wheelers and 3 of them flashed there lights to let me know it was safe to come back in. Is this right that the percetage of 4 wheelers were more curtious than my fellow truckers. Or did I just hit this strech of I55 at the wrong time and my fellow truckers where having a bad day and not feeling very curtious.
I get lazy sometimes when it comes to giving the signal. I'll be carrying on a conversation with my partner or listening to talk radio, and I realize after the fact, that I never signaled. Yes, I need to be more attentive!
Or is it possible they signaled and you didn't notice? I will be honest sometimes I'm in lala land and I don't pay attention to how far i've gotten in front.
Ah sometimes I forget to do that sort of thing. I guess I am so concentrated on trying to get everything else right while driving. I will remember to keep that in mind for the future.

I do my best to signal another truck in, but sometimes i just dont do it. it could be that i am tired, or pissed off at that driver for sitting beside me for so long trying to pass me. Hense being in my comfort zone. The majority of the time i do flash em over though. I look at it like this, when i am off the road i smile as much as possible at others. I have noticed in the last several yrs that "flashing others over" has gone down greatly. We all seem to busy, or just dont care. Kinda makes me think that it is everyone out for themselves. All we can do is be the "ones" that do it.

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