Whats for Supper?

Uncle Birchy

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Don't forget to have LT Dan "invest" ya in some "Fruiting" company and money shall never be a problem again

Oh my gosh I can't believe that was a quarter century ago already


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Last night it was grilled salmon filet, tater salad, washed down with a Modelo Especial.

I'm using a Walmart (essentially an overgrown) lunchbox grill that uses Coleman propane bottles. I strap it to the catwalk when not in use. Its quick, and there's no cleanup like a charcoal grill - which all things considered, I'd rather use. This is easier because of no cleanup; just break it down, and done.


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I made 2 pork chops. I think I will eat one plain and have the other one on a kaiser bun.
Damn, I didn't realise how inexpensive pork is compared to beef and poultry.
I may be eating a whole lot more pork going forward.

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