Whats for Supper?


chicken soup, salad and garlic bread....washed down with a nice cold as ice, Corona Lite.....!!!!!!

Uncle Birchy

Life Coach
I won't touch any of the foods munchies at truck stops unless i'm feeling suicidal :D
None as of Current...

They pulled the Hot Dogs heck Fly J pulled the Soup and Chilli...

NO -Reffills... either

Ain't supposed to bring your Own Mug in..

Use a Fresh Cup and "Honor" Re-Fill price..

Welp @krelithous as we know Pee-Lot J's clerks ain't "Brightest" of thy Bunch. .

Nonetheless I didnt "Invest" an entire Six Dollars on a Fill-More Mug that took me like 5/6 "Refills" to Break "Even" from Initial Co$t for Dollar "Refills"