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This was sent to me by a friend today.
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Looks like me when I am at home, or during an extended layover...


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It looks like hubby during his weekends.....I love those slamming shirts. Fits my general mood.


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October fest started on the 13 September. I have been up in Helen each weekend. I have yet to go to the Festehalle and I have lived in the area for almost 4 years. I do go and sit to listen to the music and watch the rigs shake their heads @ all the fools jay walking. It's funny watching the drivers that have to make deliveries in Helen now in the big rigs. I am so glad I am not one of them.

I know that's mean so slammit take a drink & you'll be fine. lol


In God We Trust
lucky. wish i could get up there sometime soon. i love the downtown area. is that hotel downtown (the one across from the candy shop) still there? never stayed in that one, always stayed in the one down the road called the nocoochie hotel. think i spelled it right.

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