What will be the hottest trucking issues over the next decade?


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TORONTO -- The myriad of issues surrounding 2007 -- from the introduction of smog-free engine technology, to new hours-of-service rules, to a recent downturn in freight volume -- is making this year one of the thorniest in trucking's history.
But what's further over the horizon? Does the future look even more controversial for trucking, or will things eventually get simpler?

5. Global sourcing. International is seeking to buy $1 billion worth of components through its joint venture in India. Paccar just opened a purchasing office in China. Is this a threat or opportunity for suppliers? How will this impact the ability of the supply chain to bounce back when sales and manufacturing picks up in the latter half of this year and in 2008?

4. Safety. New stopping distance rules are in the works. Will the rule bring disc brakes to the forefront in North America and what will the impact be on brake and trailer manufacturers? (See this week's feature at TodaysTrucking.com for more on this).

3. Driver and technician shortage. More freight, less drivers with each passing year. The math isn’t changing.

2. Diesel emissions. Jan. 1, 2007 is behind us, but regulations only go in one direction -- they get stricter. Will 2010 bring SCR or yet another solution? And just what do politicians have in store beyond that? Perhaps all the carbon-based hysteria these days will extend to trucking.

1. Highway congestion. It’s not always the water cooler issue of the day, per se. But it’s always there in the background, heavily impacting everyday operations like fuel consumption, safety, and driver productivity. Will traffic volumes in dense areas and border crossings choke productivity in trucking?


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