What the heck


Tennis shoes are hot
I just finished making a double batch of chocolate chip cookies and have decided to sit down and let you in on my little plight. Last night the neighbors cat took up residency on my deck. The cat will not leave. I have sprayed it with water. I has chased it (which the cat seems to like). I have shaken a broom at the cat (which the cat just rubbed up against). This cat has never done this before and I have lived here for four years. I am allergic to cats and this is getting on my nerves......:mad: I don't understand why out of the blue this cat will not leave my deck and follows me around if I walk out the door.
oh no sweetie that cat still wont leave you may need to go to your neighbors and tell them to get there cat so it dont make u sick . and i am with gal all the yummie stuff your make i wouldnt wont to leave eather lol

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