What should the company do?

A driver received a phone call telling him that his Dad was very sick and may die soon. The driver contacted the company to let them know, and they got him a load going home. He delivered the load and then headed towards the hospital. He noticed on the way there that he was on Empty.
He continued to the hospital without fueling in fear that he may not make it in time to see his Dad alive again. He made it, Dad lived another day and then passed away. The driver stayed home for 10 more days to arrange the funeral, etc. Driver called in for a load, and was told to call back since they didn't know he was ready, and so they could find him a load. Driver went to the truck and it wouldn't start. Called a service truck, and service tech said truck was out of fuel and had lost prime. $275.00 for service call and $75.00 for 20 gallons of fuel later, the truck is running.

Should the company charge the driver for the service call?
Tough call, I think the company should take the hit. It will go a long ways with the driver.
Under the circumstance I think the company should pay for the costs, it's called, respect. But some companies nowadays just don't seem to give a crap, all they want to see is their product getting delv'd! Which is a whole other story.
good news / bad news

The bad news is that we figured out the fuel was stolen from the truck, leaving it bone dry. the good news is, there is now no question on whether to charge the driver or not since it was not his fault. Actually, running the truck so low on fuel means the thief that stole the fuel did not get very much :biglaugh:
I would hope the company would let this slide. This was an incredibly stressful time for the driver, so I'd give him a break. Chances are, he'll be grateful and more loyal to the company longterm if they take the hit.
Well a couple of things, the company would not even have know the driver ran it low if he did not tell them that. He could have just said it was stolen to begin with, the fact he fussed up and was honest with me would make me pay for it. An honest employee is hard to find nowdays. The second thing has already been covered, simple respect for the driver and his family.
I too believe, out of sheer respect if nothing else, that the company would be willing to take the cost of this one on.
sad story. i'm glad the company stood up and covered it. the driver will look more positive on the company in the future. on a side note, sorry to hear of his lose.
In a situation as severe as this, I think the company should take the hit. Companies should take care of the people who make them money. It may not be the company's fault, but if it were my truck, I'd consider it a business expense.

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