What is your worst fear driving among other vehicles?


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What is your worst fear driving among other vehicles?


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That some idiot entering the freeway, or deciding at the last minute to exit the freeway is going to hit me. :)


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Worst fear? Somebody hitting me in the middle of my trailer, going underneath and my trailer tandems going over their car. No limping away from that.


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The people who seem to be in such a hurry that they are weaving in and out. Alot of these people like to see how soon they can get back into the lane. Afraid that if they stall, or loose a tire, they will get run over.


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Suicide by semi. That happened to a friend of mine. Nothing he could do to miss him.

I can't even imagine being the driver of the truck and seeing this coming right at me, knowing there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it. The nightmares I'd have afterwards.


i would have to say waking up at a truck stop only to see swift trucks parked all around me .....could shutter....man thats creepy


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I was car racing back in Europe for few years, and My partner crush so badly when I read map and navigated him. Accident won`t scare me like new drivers. About 14 years ago I trained new driver, and instead of staying on freeway he took ramp with speed
65 MPH. I woke up holding shifting pole in my hand. Since that time I`m scare driving team or train new drivers.


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Suicide by semi. That happened to a friend of mine. Nothing he could do to miss him.
I got a uncle in canada that had that happend to he was doing about 65 and the guy was drunk and just got in a fight with girl friend and just stepped out in front of him on the highway. My uncle was driving a cabover pete it put a dent in the front of the truck were the guys head hit and they said it took like 6 hours to clean all the body parts from under the truck.


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up here in pennsylvania they have a bad problem with putting stop signs at the end of ramps onto and off the highways. it's a problem when getting on the highway with a real heavy load.


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My worst fear is always that a car is going to get into my blindspot when I'm making a right hand turn. I do my best to position the truck so this won't happen, but there are always those who want to sneak up over the shoulder or do whatever it takes to get in there.


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I am always afraid of people stopping to fast and running them over. People forget how long it takes to stop a truck running 60 mph. People should have more respect for truckers and for motorcyclists for that matter.

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