Fuel What is the best fuel filter for a Davco?

davco382.jpgThere are a ton of filter replacement options for the Davco, but which one have you found to perform the best? Or do you think they are all the same.

So far, all I have used are Fleetguard and Baldwin. Up until my current truck, really didn't notice which was better because the Davco wasn't the primary filter, so it was a 25 micron filter. Filter never came close to being clogged up between oil changes (40-50k miles).

Now, running a 7-10 micron filter (I would prefer to stick with a 7 whenever possible), filter life has become an issue, at least during the winter months.

A couple weeks ago, I found out that Fleetguard had 2 different 7 micron filters for my truck. I have the Davco 382, small housing. One is the Elemax, easily identifiable, and other one that Speedco tried to put in my truck that is a fleetguard, without the paper on the outside like the Elemax. Not sure if it is some bulk item that they are getting from fleetguard or what. They told me it is cheaper than the elemax, but lasts longer. I told them to remove it and put the same filter in there that I had in the truck when I arrived. They weren't happy, but they did it.

So, that got me to thinking as I was sitting and looking to order some filters. Which is the best brand to go with? Baldwin? Wix? Fleetguard? Donaldson? Luberfiner? Have another preference?

One thing I know about fuel filters, just because they plug up faster, doesn't mean they are working better. Sometimes, the material on the inside is just inferior.

I have always liked Donaldson filters, never used on in a Davco though. No reason why, just haven't.

Curious as to what your preferences might be though.
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Should be fine where the old water separator is

My century was where you were talking about and it was not bad for servicing.
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My Volvo is in front of the steer on the curbside.
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It would be easier putting it in the same spot. That's for sure!
Hmm. I got a couple chunks of a stainless bumper in the treasure pile. That would make a nice L shaped guard in front of it. Problem solved!


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Talking about the 382, there were two different size covers.

I called Davco today, and they said the plus size and standard size covers are interchange.

They proceeded to tell me that mine should be the plus size because all of the units from 2008 forward came with the larger cover.

I got a new cap and cover today, turns out I had the larger cover all along.

Problem has been that everyone is putting standard size filters in it.

Even today, I had Freightliner set out a couple filters with the new cover. When I arrived to pick it up, they had the smaller standard size filters on the counter.

So now I have a new cap, cover, and the proper size filter for the first time.

Donaldson: P550849
Fleetguard: FS19763
Just installed the last Fleetguard from my previous online order. Not sure what the deal is with the Fleetguards, but I can tell you that the fuel level in the bowl in no indicator on the life of these filters. 2-3 of the last bunch I ordered were clearly clogging up, but never got much over half full in the bowl, indicating that there should still be plenty of life left.

As of my order this morning, I'm going back to Donaldson. They are just better, far better, IMO. I think I may go ahead and order some OEM oil filters as well and provide them to the quick lube places, rather than having them install fleetguard on my truck. If the fuel filters are this flaky, I'm concerned about the quality of their oil filters as well.

That said, I was unpleasantly surprised that Ryder Fleet Products has shut down. Website is gone. Not sure when it happened because I tend to buy a large amount of items when I order, so it has been several months since I was at the website. Found a decent deal on Amazon, so the new filters are on their way to the house, and will be in the truck next week.


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Hate to say it,but Amazon is where its at these days.
The boy is Amazon prime so free shipping on everything.
Had him order 3 repair manuals yesterday morning and 2 of them showed up today. Can't hardly beat that..
Yeah, I bypassed Prime, but found them cheaper via a non prime seller. Just have to wait a few more days to get them.