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What is the best cb antenna for truckers?

There are many CB Antennas out there for sale, and most of them claim to be the best. In your opinion, who makes the best ones out there?

Also, which setup is best, one antenna or two antennas?
Can't wait to hear the opinions on this, as I am in the market for my first CB Radio and Antennas :D
I was about to buy a set of Francis antennas, would be nice to hear some opinions from people who have tried several kinds though.

I don't even know what kind I have right now, it's just a single antenna that someone gave me.
I am sure they make better antennas that Francis, but for me, mine has worked great. I can talk and receive pretty well, and they are very flexible, which helps prevent them from breaking.

I have heard alot of CB advertisements for the "monkey made" antenna, and if you need one that you can tune, most anybody I have talked to that has these will recommend them.

For me, I just have a stock Cobra 29 radio, nothing at all done to it, and a single Francis antenna. Gets the job done for me in a rather inexpensive manner, compared to what you can spendon radios and equipment if you are heavy into it. I might upgrade to to a nice set up at some point, but I will probalbly go toward a HAM license at that point.
I would have to recommend the Monkey Made if you are going to be tuning your radio.

Nothing wrong with the Francis though, used them for a long time until I recently got my Monkey Made antennas.
I have had francis antennas for as long as I can remember. I might try the "monkey made" at some point, but I just can't bring myself to buy an antenna when the ones I have work fine. :)
It's a company truck and it came with antennas on it when I got it. I have not idea what they are, but they work. :)
I like the traditional Oil Cooled Antenna.

I think it is best to use a single antenna on a rig because all of your output will come from one location instead of being split. If you have 20 watts coming out of your radio and you use duels, you may be getting a 50/50 split which can hinder your distance if the antenna's aren't set just right.
Something else that is important is how your antenna is loaded, in regards to where you are placing it.

If you drive a t2000, or 387 pete, some are mounting antennas from the rear of the cab so they can get a good ground. When doing this, you need to be sure you are using a "top loaded" antenna. Otherwise, you are killing yourself in terms of receiving or getting out. Firestik and Wilson both have good top loaded antennas, and you will want a 5 footer if you are mounting from the rear.

Another tip, you need 27 feet of coax to run from the rear of the rig, all the way underneath, and back inside through the firewall. Clay's radio shop in Gordon, TX. actually sells the coax, preassembled especially for these rigs :)

I haven't been in my 387 very long, so I haven't got my antenna setup just yet, although I am thinking of hanging it from the side of the cab, instead of the rear. (mainly so I don't have to crawl under the truck to tie off the antenna cable.
Lots of options (and opinions)

I've used Francis, a lot, in the past. Absolutely the best of the lower cost antenna. A 4' orange stick for 15 bux that probably will be in tune when you remove it from the package is a wonderful bargain, no doubt.

I upped the ante a while back by changing to a more powerful radio, and I choose a Monkey Made to complete my set-up. Dang! What an antenna. It does a fine job. Too good, in fact. I get tired of listening to skip talk from all over the country. I also like the way the cooling coils begin to glow, at night, after I've ratchet-jawed for few minutes. Nice.

Talk about durable. Whack it against anything and you have probably total lossed the mirror frame. The antenna will be fine. I think if I were to be involved in a sword fight, I'd want my Monkey Made. A person could do some real damage with one.

2xR, likes to talk loud, and proud... :woohoo:
i have tried the francis and others but found Wilson Trucker 5000 is the best. It is totally tunable. Just need to get it tuned and will always stay the same. Only time it will ever need to be adjusted again is when you move it from 1 truck to another. Just my opinion.
Wilson Trucker 5000 is the best. It is totally tunable. Just need to get it tuned and will always stay the same. Only time it will ever need to be adjusted again is when you move it from 1 truck to another. Just my opinion.

I also believe in the Wilson Trucker 5000....My local cb shop one time got those Monkey Made antennas in, and convinced me they were better....

They talked me into trying one, so we switched the Wilson 5000 for a Monkey Made.......WOW what a BIG difference:nono:.....

I was running a Galaxy 44 with a Texas Star 400 HDV amp at the time..I could easily talk to a friend of mine 40+ miles away in any direction (he had a base setup) when I had my Wilson 5000 on the truck...

When the cb shop switched to the Monkey made.....it cut the distance in 1/2 if not more...

I ran the Monkey made for 1 week...and went back and made them switch the antennas back.

I am not saying monkey made antennas are bad....but they will not hold a light to a Wilson 5000
I always had the best luck with a wilson 2000, unless you are going to tweak and peak a big radio then I would recommend the wilson 5000 to the high output in wattage. as far as radios go I always ran my Cobra 25 that was built in the early 90's in the Philippines, before they move over to China. I did run a Ranger for a little while, but I didn't care for it, the darned thing drew to much voltage from the batteries and every time I talked on it my truck would show a discharge in voltage.
Ya wanna talk to someone in Florida when You're in Oregon??
It's like the question of Speed: HOW FAST DO YA WANNA GO, so HOW FAR do ya wanna be heard??
How many Watts do ya wanna push??
Do ya need a Billy Bigrigger Radio setup just to talk across a truck stop lot or for frying finals on other Radios??
If you're wanting to run BIG WATTS then also install some Lights on yer Stick(s) and toss the trucks' factory batteries to install some Deep Cycle Marine Batteries for when yer truck ain't idling. An APU would help instead of the upgraded Batteries. Get a mess of Chicken Lights too and the BIG WIDE chrome Bumper because you're setting an Image with the High Steppin' Radio.

Have FUN, keep the shiny side up and the Rig between the Ditches and don't feed the Bears!!
2xR got it right. The Francis is the best whip ever produced. This stick alone will hold solid SWR's across more frequencies than any other stick, and it will handle huge amounts of wattage. Has anyone ever considered the reason why corn flake drivers used only this whip on their setup's? I've tried them all and the Francis whip out-performed them all when it comes to cost and performance.

I ran Francis whips on my Magnum 357 radio, and will tell ya, I was able to reach out over 75 miles on AM bands...and if close enough to a skip tower, could communicate with individuals around the world on SSB. If you want my opinion...go with Francis whips. They are inexpensive and out-perform any other antenna for the price.


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