What do you drive ?


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I am talking truck wise. Just curious as what is the most popular now days.
I am currently driving a peterbilt. here in the next few weeks, that will most likely change though.
I have a question. How much leg room is in the pete's? I am 6'5" and over 300 lbs..Would I be comfortable in one?
Well i am the same height as you and personally i find them comfortable. i weigh more than you do and again i have no problems with the seats or that.

Also the sleeper is pretty comfortable for us big guys none of them are really comfortable but this is one of the better ones in my opinion and the ride is good on a pete in my opinion. best thing you could so is stop in a dealer and give one a test fit and see what you think. only truck that was more comfortable was the volvo rig, i could stand up and walk into the sleeper, and when i say stand up i mean stand straight as a pin and walk through to the sleeper area. so you may also give them a look as well and see what you think.
I'm in a piece of crap Freightliner Century now, and really miss my Peterbilt. I hope the Cascadias that Freighshaker is producing is a huge improvement on these Century Class cracker boxes, because they are pure junk.
I have a question. How much leg room is in the pete's? I am 6'5" and over 300 lbs..Would I be comfortable in one?

an owner-operator i am friends with is not as tall as you, but he surely is "bigger" than you...

he had pete's and he told me (and i tend to agree) the room in a pete is tighter (between the driver/passenger seats) than say a freightshaker.

i drove a 379, extended hood, and i am 5'10", 190 lbs, and the tightness of the cabin area bothered me too.

as for the sleeper, i think they are alike.

right now, i am not driving anything, i'm on the DL list (disable list) but at my job, we have Cornbinders, and they are daycabs. which are more roomy than 1 sterling we have, and 2 macks too.......
Got into(but didn't drive) a Cascadia a couple weeks ago. Not bad atoll imo. Felt and looked roomier than any Freightshaker I've been in except maybe the ClassicXL, but with a 234" w/b, it won't ride the same.

I'm in an older 378 now, and it's nicer than other trucks I've been in due to amenities(sp). It rides as smoothly as I remember the Classic XL or W900 before it, not to mention better than the Century Class which I had two of recently. I prefer this 378 BIGTIME over the 387 too. I miss the condo in the 387 and Frieghts, but that's the way it goes. Hardly care what I drive aside from the ride quality.

Bossman wants another Pete next. I'm not completely sure yet. I really like 'em, but the price... owie!
Not sure what I am going to be driving once I get out of this piece of crap Century this week, but all I do know is that it will have a back window and no sleeper. That will be weird getting used to.
:woohoo:That's a good thing to get used to though, ain't it! For me, the Century seemed to be okay, but it rides rougher than most. Of course, you'll be getting a rough ride in any daycab and now you'll be more used to it! :)
im proud to drive a freightliner "shaker".i find the century to be loud at times but over all i can drive it!!!i like having the short nose since it helps when backing up.the room inside is also nice like a cavern.i have driven many trucks now including a kenworth w900,peterbilt 379,378 and short nose models.i can say that i definitely dont have the needed experience to drive any of them..
but hey dont tell my dad he loves petes and thats all he will drive..lol..

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