what do you do while on the road to stay fit?


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I've seen plenty of drivers in my day that are just unhealthy or overweight. I'm used to going to the gym here at home and was wondering how many of you while your parked or whatever somehow get some exercise in? Has to be sometime to maybe go for a walk or even bring a bike along for a ride.

I have seen people strap bikes on the back of the tractor. It is a pain in the butt putting it up there and taking it down, and it gets very dirty, very quick up there.

You can walk, everyday. You can exercise very productively, everyday. Exercise equipment has really advanced, and you can get a nice workout in with resistance bands, which weigh virtually nothing. I also carry a set of dumbells with me in the truck.

The only thing that prevents truck drivers from exercising while on the road is a lack of discipline. Develop good habits in the beginning.
how about a rack mounted to the front? Like you might see on a bus.

I will be getting some restance bands like you mentioned, plus also I'll get back into jogging sept when the weather is poor of course.
The only thing that prevents truck drivers from exercising while on the road is a lack of discipline.

Ding Ding Ding! That's me. I had good intentions, but it's not worked out ... yet. I'm trying to eat healthy though. I do have my own microwave, and bring grilled food we cooked on the previous weekend, and ham for the daytime. I try to find the easiest parking place in truckstops, usually, but not always, in the very back. This way if I have to go in, it's a longer walk.
haha. i remember reading about that and i just brings a chuckle to me everytime i see it. i would have loved to hear the audio of it. it would have been funnier than the florida boy who screamed " don't taser me bro"

lot of gyms out here allow trucks..some truckstops have them..some trkstops have exercise rooms in them, my favorite is a shell station in new mexico at tx state line..they had us a steam room , sauna, ellipticals etc..look in "the trk stop books" they have a lot of advice to stay healthy and there are clinics to help you get started in the trkstops. you can rent a harley or a dirt bike at any eagleriders.com nationwide..you can bike over to grand canyon or the london bridge etc..it is also cool to catch a ferry like plattsburg ny and then bike around the town..you can"stll see the trk" ha.. it is also fun to come to dallas, park and rent a jetski for a few hours..again, you can maintain visible contact without being in the sleeper..and of course, if you take your truck to any racetrack like tx motor speedway-they walk for charity there before the races..fun, free, and you belong to society for a few hours.

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