what company is good for a newbie


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I'm going to truck driving school this winter. I'm doing alot of research on different companies to find the best one to start out with. I hear so much bad things about one company over others , who is good for newbies and fair.I'm looking at reefer jobs at this time everyone has to eat.Can any one guide me to some good companies.
Stevens Transport (Dallas,TX) has a pretty good training program. Some of our drivers started out there.

Be advised though, reefers are a pain in the rear sometimes, require more responsibility from the driver, and the jobs don't pay any better than pulling a dry van. When you factor in the potentially long waits at grocery warehouses, the damaged freight that sometimes goes along with hauling perishable items, it can actually pay less for more work.

I'm not saying don't go that route, but just telling you what to expect from experience.

I currently pull a reefer, and most of my driving career has been pulling a reefer. Count me as one of those who has become fed up with it, and about to move over to the dry van side :)
Try and find a company that does "Milk Runs". Auto parts. H.O.Wolding, Roehl or Falcon. Empty racks in ...NO touch out. As a entry level driver (newbie). Your choices are limited. Stevens does have a complete training program and good lease/purchase plan fo FNG's. Reefer drivers run thier butts off, and haul some strange stuff in those ribbed boxes. Good luck and "Smile and Drive" Boogie

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