what company do you work for? and ...


May seem crazy to some of you or all but when you make post I would find it interesting to know who you work for and what kind of truck/transmission you drive. I am just getting back in the business. Really considering Crete Carrier-GA <> CT(coastal transport)Bridgeport, AL <> Roehl - GA <> possibly Interstate or Rosedale and a few others to choose from. At CDL school at Northwestern Tech we got to drive a Peterbuilt 10sp which was nice, Freightliner 10sp just ok, International 10sp - old truck not so good, and some of the newer automatics, not sure of brand but they looked like US Express trucks. Automatics seem easy most of the time but I sometimes don't like when they shift, up or down. Also after extensive use on the yard they took too long to shift from forward to reverse and back again to forward when doing parking skills. And you still have to use the clutch for that. I don't see the big benefit in the automatics if you have to use a clutch when starting and stopping. One recruiter said they had went to automatics because they were thinking better mileage and less trouble. Did not work for them in either case and now they are going back to 10sp or 13sp. :stirpot:
Thanks for reading this, Tony / no truck co yet / no truck
if you got the opportunity, go to Rosedale. great company and the opportunity to run a day cab is there , meaning your home more often if not every night.

I prefer not to say who i drive for but it is a smaller company(less than 25 trucks) and it is the best place i have ever worked. I drive an International, 10 speed, with over 837,000 miles on it and it actually runs/drives better than any frieghtshaker i have driven with more than 1/2 the miles on it.

Hi, were waiting for George to call us back, he must be in the mountains or somewhere our telephones aren't working.As soon as WE can reach him we can leave you a message on line again.:runningaround:This is for the Lady teampartner notice.
Thanks Cerberus I had almost forgotten about Rosedale. Know any more about them or anyone I could talk to that works for them? What kind of equipment and hometime?

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i used to know a guy there years ago but he has since moved on. literally moved. he liked them alot and was very happy with them. but remember what worked for him might not be the best for you. don't expect to find the perfect company out there cause it just won't happen. find one that you like and a place where the positives out weigh the negatives. good luck

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