What a week....


In God We Trust
And it's only tuesday. Today started out with a bang, literally. I was in Pittsburgh at a beer place dropping off and relized i had a blown trailer tire. number 16. no biggie i was close to the shop so i figured i would just drop by the shop and switch trailers out. dumb decsion. i limp to the terminal and grab a trailer and head to the new shipper. i get loaded and start heading to new york. the trailer brakes lock up and i gotta drag it to the next exit while it is smokin. this is on I 70 in Pa, so we all know there is know pull off spots. i call and they come out and replace the maxi brake cylandar and i see i have a flat on the tractor so now i gotta head to the shop to get that fixed. at the shop it is realized i have a bad air leak in my tractor airbag so it has to be replaced also. i have a turbo oil line that has to replaced since it is in the shop also. so in short all i drove today was about 50 miles in about 12 hours cause of these issues. 2 flat tires, a maxi brake cylander, a leaking air bag, and a turbo hose, yep it's time to call it a day. guess i'll try again tomorrow. it seems like my truck was gonna shut down and strike today no matter what i did. and the bad thing about this is i did a pre trip and these are just a few things that can not be caught doing one until it happens.

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