Western Star 57X - The replacement to the 5700XE


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I have to admit, I am a bit disappointed in the looks of this thing, but it is exactly like the rumors were showing. It's basically a Cascadia. Little differences, but not much, at least on the outside.

Looks like they adopted the Cascadia lounge, which will be nice if they made it where it accepts a mattress larger than 6 inches thick. I have an 8 inch mattress in the Cascadia, so the bunk no longer latches in the raised position. Hopefully this gets addressed by the Western Star.




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I have to admit, I am a bit disappointed in the looks of this thing,

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and i have to admit...

it looks like a sleeper truck.

as an o/o you would have different wants and needs as say me, when i was a long haul driver.

1) new truck

2) well equipped

3) comfortable

4) fuel card

5) lemme alone to do my job.

i only drove 1 W/S back in the early 1990's, and THAT W/S was an old 1986 model year, a super rough riding truck at that, and i hated it.

but like auto makers that are merged with others, everything "looks the same", even down to available colors.


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I have to agree. There are many here including myself that could tell the year, make and model of a car, just from the of hubcaps
It's funny when you grew up during the years the cars were made it is easier to identify the car and production years by looking at it. I used to mystified how my Father knew cars I had never seen. He grew up when they were in production.

I grew up in the 70's 80's 90's and still growing up. The cars of those decades were not very impressive but, I am still impressed by the sight of an 86-87 Mustang or even a mint 89 Beretta. or what ever.

Unless you are like the guy that I work with. Q. What kinda car do you drive?
A. It's a blue one. :rolllaugh:

The ****ing guy used to steal cars and still don't know anything about cars. Couldn't even do an oil change if he had to.


In Gord we trust!
Anyway back on topic. The Star Car looks just like every other plastic truck out there.
I drove an older Star Car and a few older KW's and they were tight! No squeaks or rattles.
Wadda ya gonna do? Every truck now days is cheaply produced plastic trucks.
It's like Lee Iacocca is running the truck plants and every truck is a K-car.


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I hate to see Western Star go this route, but we all knew it would happen soon after being bought out.

It’s no different than PACCAR. The differences between a Pete and a KW are minimal at best.

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