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Western Express CA terminal MADNESS


pari animositate



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And you were told right! There is no need to be consistently jackknifing the truck to 90° and Beyond. I probably don't even need both hands to count how many times I've been beyond 90 degrees in a truck, in 37 freaking years! Guys who are consistently cut that tight are either too lazy to properly set up a back, or don't know how to properly set up.
To be fair Ive seen a lot of guys backed up to doors jacked sideways. Id assume most of em do it to avoid sticking out in the road blockin traffic


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It's kind of depressing to be rolling an 8 year old truck that still looks newish while seeing hundreds of trucks less than 2 years old with their front bumpers and cab fairings torn off.

It was worse when I was driving the '88 that didn't have anything but 33 years of wear.
I was in my last truck for 12 years. Put 800k miles on it. It was the only truck in the yard that still had the original bumper, til the Petes started coming in

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