Water bans and rest area closings.


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Has anyone ran into problems with the Waterbans in the south or with Rest areas being closed due to Water bans?

I have heard some of the TN rest areas are closed due to the water restrictions. I find this kinda crazy. I am no longer driving but tonight we had to shut down our bathrooms at work here in NE GA due to the Water Bans only restaurants are allowed to have them open.

They even shut down the Public Park Bathrooms and had police posted outside the park due to the water ban.

It's getting insane. I was just wondering if any of you were having problems. I have heard that some rest areas in different states were shutting down and welcome centers.
I don't drive in Tennessee, but as far as Interstate 20, all the rest areas are still open.
Okay that is crazy! If you have to go you have to go!! If you go outside the bathroom you are arrested for public indecency. But you are not allowed go into the public restrooms. What do people do?
I had not heard of this, but thanks for sharing. That is crazy to hear especially if you have to go that way on your route.
Rest areas

I'm not familiar with what's going on in TN but I do know that a lot of rest areas have been closing along the New England highways, and it's not b/c of water shortages. It's b/c of illegal prostitution activity.
pilot truckstop in richmond,virgina ext 211 on I-64 has no showers due to code regulations. first truckstop, major chain , i have seen that is this way.
pilot truckstop in richmond,virgina ext 211 on I-64 has no showers due to code regulations. first truckstop, major chain , i have seen that is this way.

ack, too many drivers smell like they never shower, now they will even have a reason. What is with that anyway? How can you not smell yourself when you reek like that?

Those few drivers are what makes everyone else look bad. it just takes a few to ruin it for everyone.
Many states have them on both sides of the road, instead having one in the middle.
They are dirty and fealty in most states. California # 1 dirty rest stops, never stop there anyway.
I have noticed that rest stops can be filthy. Why don't they make more of an effort to clean them up? That would go a long way.
i am going to link this thread to the jugs of pee thread.....maybe if we all peed on the ground down there it would seap into the ground and o nevermind i need sleep
I haven't run into this, but I have heard it about it from other truckers. I hope this isn't something we're going to have to deal with in the future. There's nothing I hate worse than getting up to a rest area and finding out it's closed.
I live in PA And we just went through a deal where we could mot do anything with the water. They said that it had a parrasite in it. We couldn't drink it at all. And had to boil it for 10 min to use it for bathing and cleaning anything. You know what I think stinks about that is the fact that we have to still pay for the water.
Rest area in Louisiana on Interstate 20 have been closed for the past couple weeks, at least that is how long I have noticed it. Any idea why?
all the rest areas that i seen closed were on mt eagle in TN. im glad to say that the last time i went by there a week ago they had them open now. guess all the water unfroze..

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