watch it may happen to you

hello all let me start by saying it isn't everyday you get to , or have to reach out for help. on 11/8 last year i was in California north bound on the 5 and was struck by a four wheeler he was sited or reckless op and i think dui
after 10 months of suffering my employer Stevens Transport grudgingly allowed my back surgery it was diagnosed upon my returning from home and took that long because in there eyes it was only a sprain even though i could feel things floating around in my back . i have since been through therapy twice and i guess i am not worth much any more as they have disallowed my doctors request for daily therapy for two weeks which would cost them 75 dollars a visit then a re exam and so on my question to all who my read this and may have friends and loved ones in a like condition
is there a agency some where that a self insured company answers to ??
I have lost a marriage a life savings and soon my apartment and who knows whats next any help would be great ly appreciated i have been a driver since 1984 and never thought i would see myself here i am hurt ashamed and alone thanks for now
P.S> to the above lawyer was contacted upon returning home from California apparently
in Texas most applications have a subrogation clause below where you sign which gives the employees and students that they hire little or no rights if they are in essence at the mercy of there employer and when you physical therapy gets to where you need every day per doctors request they can drop you and to settle this after they stall and stall can last a year or more more later
I am sorry for everything you have been through and are going through. At this point, it is time for you to start fighting back and getting some help. Find a good injury/disability attorney and start getting your life back.
You should have seen a lawyer long before now. I would get to one as quick as possible. Did your wife leave from fighting over money? or lack of. That is plain cold. She can see you are hurt and it wasn't your fault. Maybe some theraphy and telling her a settlement is coming in will help. Hope things get better for you all around.
well i would like to thank all who have responded so far .The wife left due to it was her day to day seeing me in pain what she said although, funny how while i was one the road i kept hearing a mans voice in the background and upon returning home after accident on my birthday she had three mysterious calls while we where at the grocery i went cause things didn't feel right so we come home and aren't even done with putting things away and poof her mystery man shows up at the door lol it goes on and on honestly this all was meant to get the word out to those looking to come here or know someone whom is thinking about it only as a last resort and only as long as you must and those of you out there to be on you gaurd this is the new thing in cost control i guess i am not worth 700 bucks and two more weeks of therapy
latest update stevens transport doesnt even want to allow me the funds to move home on or to starts therapy on my own with another outfit back home nice folks ? lol
i would like to post this to all of you who have taken the time to read and comment thanks it has meant alot just knowing others would take the time to view and put in please as it stands now i will not be going home to family and loved ones i am no a prisoner down here until the dead lock is broken some how and people grow some gray matter between there ears at Stevens Transport please pass the word to others i would really feel like crap if one other person has to go through what i have i dont know if i will be posting more cable/internet bill is due and may not be able to pay it if my attorneys cant break some skulls soon be safe all of you out there and happy holidays be safe and always assume that four wheeler is drunk distracted and driving with there head up there but you'll arrive alive if you do
is there a agency some where that a self insured company answers to ??

I am sorry you are going through this..

Self insured employers suck.....:banghead:

I know what you are going through as far as the fighting part...

I got hurt Nov-05 it took until July-06 to get my MRI which showed exactly what was wrong...(herniated disk in my neck)

Guess what happened in July-06? My employer refused to do anything else...period.

I had sprain of the neck as an allowed condition..

When the MRI results came in..we put in for an additional allowed was denied.

then my company paid a DR to write up a report stating my allowed condition had...had long enough time to heal.

My DR had to agree on the part of the ALLOWED condition.

We fought up until this past DEC-07 when I finally gave in and settled with get rid of them.

I have since filed with Social Security for the 17 months I was unemployed because I could not work. Still awaiting their decision.

My advice to you is get a lawyer and fight them to the end if you can.

But this is what they want you to do is to give in to them. They will try and make you go broke..unfortunately it sounds like they are in your case.

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