Washington DC Convoy and Route Information-directions included


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Truckers And Citizens United
April 28, 2008 D.C. Rally Info & Route
Permits are in hand for the Reflection Pool
Times are 10:00am to 4:00pm
Amplified Sound
We will be using Channel 39 on the CB
Parking will be available at RFK
Contact: JB (940-923-3267) or Mark (717-821-2013) for any questions
We will be leaving Harrisburg, PA at 6:00am (eastern) from the Gables Truck Stop (I-81 x77)
I-81S to I-83S to Rt. 581W to Rt.15 to I-270 to I-495 (Beltway)

Points North (not with the Harrisburg crew)
All Routes to the I-495 (Capitol Beltway)

Points South
All Routes to the I-495 (Capitol Beltway)

Route In
I-295 (from south exit 2 AB / from north exit 2 B)
to Suitland Parkway (exit 3 B)
across the Frederick Douglas Memorial Bridge
to South Capitol Street SW
Left on Washington Avenue SW
Left on Independence Avenue SW
Right on 17th Street NW
Right on Constitution Avenue NW
Right on Massachusetts Avenue NE
Left on E Capitol Street NE
(there will be a right then immediate left to stay on E Capitol Street NE)
Stay on E Capitol Street NE to RFK Stadium
RFK Parking in Lot 7 and 3


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How may are committed to the convoy/

Does anyone have a count on how many truckers have committed to joining the convoy somewhere alone the route, and on into DC?
Just think of the effect if there were trucks lined up for one hundred miles. They might need the support of a fuel tanker or two.


got a call from Marks group they are estimating 2500 to 3000 trucks will be there, I sure hope they are right that will wake a few in DC up


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:thud:It's gonna take alot more than 2500 to 3000 trks. There better be at least 10 to 20,000 people there, or we're just spinning our wheels again. Do you really think 3,000 people in a country of hundreds of millions is going to even faze them. No, they need to see that there are 10s of thousands at the rally, and know that there are hundreds of thousands backing them up all across the country before they even start getting scared. So far it hasn't been big enought for even the D.C. media to pick up on it. Up to right now, there isn't the first heads-up in any of the Washington, D.C. news media about anything at all happening on Mon. the 28th of April. If they thought there were 10s of thousands of trucks getting ready to tie up the streets of their city, don't you think that might be a bit of a news flash? I really hope I'm wrong with this one, but from what I'm seeing so far, I'm really scared that I might be right. I am going to try my best to be there. I don't know that I can afford it, but then again, I can't afford not to. Just like everyone else, we all have a big stake in this. We crash and burn in this one, and we're down for the count. That's just how important this rally is. It's that important that we should be talking about hundreds of thousands of trucks, cars, busses, farmers, and the general population decending on Washington, D.C., but we're not. We're talking about only 2500 to 3000. Someone please show me that I'm WRONG.:banghead:


you get a couple thousand truckers to deadhead to Dc. and not only come together for the cause but pay for the trip out of their own pocket,yeah they will most certainly take notice.
I will be there how many from the site am I going to meet, if you are going let me know I would love to get together and swap war stories


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bandit I nominaete you to get 25,000 truckers only to DC ;-P jus playin
To give you an honest answer to that young lady, I Wish I Could Get 25,000 Truckers To Stick Together For Anything. I can say that, I'm one of them. You couldn't get 25,000 truckers to stick together to agree whether it's daytime or nighttime let alone for a Rally or a Shutdown. I've been there and I've tried. I'm ashamed to have to say that, but it's true. The only way you get that many Americans, not only Truck Drivers, to stick together is if they are all at rock bottom & hurting. There are still too many that haven't reached that point yet. Sadly, they'll be there real soon. I only said that it would take that many for the assholes in our government to sit up an take notice. They don't really care what 2 or 3,000 think. That's trivial to them. They lie to more people than that every morning that they go to their office. Anyway, Good Luck To Everyone Tomorrow. I HOPE YA"LL HAVE AN AWESOME DAY !!:cheers::beep: