Want some Butthash ?


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OMFG! This is absolutely crazy!!! Is this for real??

Guess the price of s**t has gone up. Instead of kids leaving bags of the crap in a brown paper bag on someone's step as a joke, it'll now be considered a drug swap and we should expect the cops to come breaking down our doors each time we take a dump.


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That is just too much, it has to be a joke right? But then I have seen so many things it could be true. I have seen guys smoke morning glory seeds and shoot whiskey from a needle right into a vein. Some people will do anything.


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might not be the drug of choice here in america but in the lower income countries where getting high is expensive , they can use this as an alternative choice.

thought i would have a new years party and we all can smoke butt hash to bring in the new year. think about it, since there is nothing worse than butt hash, the rest of the year can only get better.:cool: