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USA Truck


USA Truck, Inc. is a medium haul, common and contract carrier specializing in truckload quantities of general commodities. The Company operates in the forty-eight contiguous United States, the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec, and in Mexico through the gateway city of Laredo, Texas. The Company's principal competitive strength is its ability and commitment to provide consistent, premium service to shippers that demand a higher level of service than is generally available in the truckload market.

The Company’s general offices are located in Van Buren, Arkansas with maintenance facilities in Van Buren, Arkansas, West Memphis, Arkansas, Shreveport, Louisiana, Butler Township, Ohio and Bethel, Pennsylvania.

USA Truck hires drivers for Over The Road (OTR) and dedicated positions. Driving school graduates may also qualify for their training program

For more information on USA Truck, visit their website at : USA Truck, Inc.

Do you work for this company, or have you worked for it in the past? Give a review here. If you have questions, post them here as well for drivers who are familiar with the company to answer if possible.
i have worked for this company about six years ago and the 62mph truck speed sucks.
and my dispatcher made me chose betwen my wife giving birth or my job. so i
quit. and the they keept some of my pay after that.
Trust me user11108, they haven't changed! As a matter of fact, I drove for them for 4 weeks before they tried telling me I had to pick up a load after my 14 hours were up. I don't think so!!! Then they had the nerve to deduct an orientation recovery of over $350.00 from my final check and said that i still owed them $6.42!! Plus they were deducting $25.00 every paycheck for an escrow account that I did not authorize them to do. I refused to sign that paper in orientation, but they took it anyway. When i asked why, they said it's policy. And I never did get reimbersed for the tolls I paid or some of the scales. I was even nice to them and returned their death trap-for-a -truck to their main terminal and they charged me for the bus ticket home! Their recruiter lied so much, that when I finally confronted the manager of recruiting, his reply was that they were being challenge to recruit, not that drivers were really needed. I can go on and on about them, but with all the 'critical loads' that dispatch sent to me, they are on their way down.
Sounds like a very bad experience.

I wouldn't be happy if money was being taken from me without me authorizing it. If it was policy, and you refused to sign it, they should have made a decision as whether to put you in a truck or not right then, not just ignored the fact it wasn't signed, then deduct the money anyway.
we r talking usa here they dont care bout family or for the driver more so at times trust that my guy has been with them since dec of 2006
Well I am going to the USA orientation Sunday for 4 days in Vandallia Ohio, tho I hate to have to spend 4 days before I get back on the road I have been looking at all the posts I have seen on USA I will go with an open mind and see what's up. trust me if I see any thing out of the ordinary you can bet I will speak up. I will let you know what I find. only thing I have is having to change my time out from weekly to 2 weeks that for me sucks after having been that way (weekly) for so many years but IT IS WHAT IT IS.
USA Truck, Inc. Driving school graduates may also qualify for their training program

hes talkin bout driver solutions grads. most of their grads cant even back up after training.if you dont beleive me, ask sean mcquaid!
Good for you.So many jump right into it not knowing exactly what it details.Recruiters,salesman ect only tell them what they wanna hear,NOT THE TRUTH. This July it'll be 8 yrs and i'm still a company driver.After hearing all the nitemares from leasing on with a company,i'f I can't buy a trk from a dealer then forget it.With many of these lease operators,they are nothing more then a company driver.
Ok and how do the rookies fair with the lease I'm gonna wait till I know more about the industry before I jump into the lake especially with kids to think about
It is what it is trucker trash, how long you been out here? Just wondering no offense intended. I have been out here for over 19 years so I figure I can spot a ragged outfit.
It is what it is trucker trash, how long you been out here? Just wondering no offense intended. I have been out here for over 19 years so I figure I can spot a ragged outfit.

was driving trucks in the oilfields in the late 70s. USA is one of the worst outfits out there. all you have to do is be able to read whats said about em in this forum. also google " usa trucking consumer fraud report" . good luck my friend. and dont forget the ky jelly!
Somethings in the trucking industry never change and the way these huge outfits are towards the drivers is one thing thatll never change as long as they're in business.Glad I no longer and never will ever again drive for any large company.My company don't care what we do.Their main concern is get the ld delivered ontime.They don't choose our routes,don't choose our fuel stops,don't care if we idle.Let's me decide when I wanna go back out after hometime,the list goes on and on.
Most of the complaints I have read make me wonder a lil bit. I wonder if there are any complaints listed on the BBB in Van Buren, Ar? Oh wait I went there and looked and found No Complaints and their rating is listed as A. That said I know that no company is the best but it is what it is. I will make up my mind after I see what they say and what shape their vehicles are in.
I will make up my mind after I see what they say and what shape their vehicles are in.

obviously you didnt look good where i told ya to. the complaints i saw not only talked about how ragged their vehicles are but some serious racial issues towards black drivers. im white by the way. theres a link connected to USA truck if you look up consumer complaints about driver solutions. thats why im surprised they are even talkin to an experinced driver like you. they just feed off CDL mills like solutions. i would be doing you a disservice if i didnt pass this info on to you. thats what this forum is for in part. passing along pertnent info. sorry if i came on as obnoxious and smarty pants like. sounds like you have your mind made up, so be it. good luck.
I see it this way,if USA has a huge turnover rate like many of these other starter companies then that right there tells me its a shady outfit. But why would anybody with lots of exp want to go with a starter company anyway.

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