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US transport - Brookwood Alabama


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I want to report a bad broker US transport out of Brookwood,Al. We recieved a rate confirmation from them on a legal load from Nm. to Oh. paying 2800.00 with room left. The load had no fuel on it and we got there to pick it up and it was over sized. They then offered to pay for permits but not raise the rate. My driver was talking to the shipper They said they were paying for an oversized and also had fuel on it and showed him the paperwork. US Transport had over 6300.00 on the load. We are not hauling the load and the broker US Tansport will not pay for a truck not used. As far as US Transport goes I call them CROOKS!!!!!!!!!!


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Moved this out of the shutdown thread, it will probably do more good and more likely be seen in this forum.


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this kinda crap just pizzes me off to no end. Thanks Toby for speaking on these crooks. this goes on more than we would like to admit. Always check your rates on truckload rate.com or internet truckstop. Congratulation for having the good sense to walk away from that crap< TONU or not!!


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BEWARE of Hodges out of ST. Louis MO. Had a bad load of pipe. Improperly stacked and all the pipe bunks broke and the load shifted. Didn't fall off the trailer but was leaning bad. Broker hires towing outfit to correct load and put smaller timber in to re stack and load shifts again. Truck out of serviced twice because of this load. The load came out of Muncie IN from Diamond plastics. DOT agreed with us the load was improperly packaged and that was the cause of the problem. Diamond plastics will be getting visited by OSHA for placing our driver and equipment in harms way. DOT is stopping trucks hauling this pipe and turning them back to be re stacked properly. Hodges Transport will not pay any of their bills for detention or even the original contracted rate. We are seeking the surety bond from the broker to be enforced and pulling his MC# for less than standard and honesty transportation issues. This was 4 months ago and still no cash