Update/Tolling is taxation x2 for truckers


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Tolling is taxation x2 for truckers
(Harrisburg, PA, Sept. 24, 2007) – The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA), which represents more than 156,000 small-business truckers, believes tolling Interstate 80 is essentially double taxation, unsafe for other roads and not in the best interest of all highway users in Pennsylvania.
Imagine going to a drive-through restaurant, and after having paid at the first window, the second window’s operator says “Oh by the way, while you were between the first and second windows, we used one third of the money you just spent for something else instead of going toward your order, so we need more money for your food.”
That is essentially what’s proposed by adding tolls to federal highways. At first, taxes are collected through user fees and fuel sales for the Highway Trust Fund, which is intended for roads and bridges. But after large diversions of the money collected go to other, non-highway related projects, you are asked to again pay even more with tolls.
This is just one reason why OOIDA representatives and members stood alongside U.S. Rep. John Peterson, R-PA, in speaking out against the tolling of I-80 at the state capitol today.

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