uk freight exchanges?


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hi there ppl! i know this forum is mainly usa and canda based, but can anyone give me good advice in finding uk freight exchange companies? i’ve recently started my own freight company. we’re still small, but just give us some time!!! :). I’d need to know who to get in contact with, guys from other freight companies. make connections y’know? thanks a lot!


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Depends on what you're looking to get out of them, are you looking to post loads, or are you looking for freight to carry? will these loads be UK only or exports to/from UK?

Of the 2 mentioned, I would personally steer clear of haulage exchange, it is just an extension of courierexchange, aimed at small van drivers and the like, very few loads for artics, and those posted tend to be bottom of the barrell in terms of rates ( though that's true of most freight exchanges), If I were you, I'd have a look at teleroute, it's the oldest and probably still the pick of the bunch, other than that have a look at or (at least it's free!).

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