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the following are some headlines from different sites that have a negative impact on the trucking industry. I started to do the headlines i found from five different sites and go back 6 months but the list got so long I only used the info found on three sites and all but one only goes back about three month.
this is probably 10% of the negitive news for trucking in the time period but if I was to give the headlines for all it would take a couple of hours to read.

This is why the truckers have got to get together and put a stop to this crazyness before it goes so far we will never be able to make a difference.
And before someone says something,yes a few of them my be duplicated I tried not too but with so many bad news stories it got so big I am sure I missed a few

Ports to vote Jan. 14 on second cargo fee
Tolls will save N.J., governor says
New Mexico eyes truck idling limit to cut greenhouse gases
Federal panel could recommend fuel tax increase
California drivers can be denied registration for idling citation
Virginia bills focus on truck rules, enforcement
Federal panel could recommend fuel tax increase
California drivers can be denied registration for idling citation
TWIC forces many truckers to go coastal – twice
Crude oil hits $100 per barrel; 2007 remembered for high prices
TXDOT schedules 57 public meeting about Trans-Texas Corridor
Another border town wants to restrict trucks
Diesel prices climbing as 2007 ends
New Mexico eyes truck idling limit to cut greenhouse gases
Officials consider tolls for proposed elevated highway in Alabama
Nebraska senator wants new revenue source for state's roads
California idling limit begins Jan. 1; misdemeanors possible
Police searches at Illinois truck stop spark questions
Massachusetts proposal could lead to local tanker truck bans
Bakersfield, CA, targets truckers for parking on streets, dirt lots
CARB set to begin enforcing new truck rules on Jan. 1, 2008
NTSB recommends FMCSA implement EOBRs for all trucks
Interim HOS rule already challenged in court
Nevada study group pushing for private toll roads
CARB's amended port regulation still may hurt long-haul truckers
Missouri bills address truck-related issues
Alabama bill would give small towns greater speed enforcement authority
Lawmaker tries for fourth time to add tolls to I-70 in Missouri
CARB adopts statewide port rule to limit diesel emissions by 2009
Connecticut Environmental Officials Whining About Idling Trucks Again
Railroad revenue
Illinois House fails to override uniform speed veto rising, but trucking companies
FHWA assigns I-80 toll proposal to specific programaren’t doing as wellMassachusetts Turnpike Increases Rates 25 cents per axle
New Hampshire Tolls To Increase October 22, 2007
Trucker not allowed to park on his own land
Truckers have trouble finding places to park their rigs
North Carolina enforces 48-foot trailer rule
Truck parking a growing concern as America's economy heats up
[Kentucky] Kenton County Mayors Group Consider Rush Hour Ban On Truck Bridge Traffic
Retailers Concerned Over New Trucking Rules
Cross Border Trucking Officially Approved
Truckers To Pay $200 To Cross Pennsylvania Turnpike
Truck-only lanes on I-70 to be studied in 4 states
Mandatory Activation of Speed Limiters on Trucks Gets Green Light from Government
Major fuel tax hike proposed for highway funding in US
Police searches at Illinois truck stop
Tougher law would get truckers to remove ice
Beware Hopkinton RI Police Bounty Hunting Truckers
Minnesota state Senate has approved a bill that would prohibit smoking in places of employment including truck cabs
Crackdown on commercial vehicles begins
Big truck ban is small, may be just the start
California to triple idling fine
Senator Blasts Trucking-Hours Rule
New Mexico POE procedures to change
New air quality rules could affect truckers
NTSB wants recorders, tighter log controls
Freight slump forecast to last
CA City Makes Move To Be Less Trucker Friendly
Truckers deal with slick roads and tough fines
No bright lights at FMCSA
Trucking industry should be taxed for its true cost
cop accused of shaking down truckers
Official says mileage tax ‘viable’ option to replace fuel tax
Fuel prices drive up trucking costs
Police Cracking Down On I-95 Drivers
Tolls may soon increase at New York, New Jersey crossings
ATA, allies will push for 2009 heavier truck law
Fortunately, many of these things can be fought as they are in their beginning stages.

Unfortunately, not enough truck drivers will pay attention to what is going on, and won't worry about it until things are passed into law and it is too late.

Kind of like NAFTA.

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