Trucking Firm Sees Positive Results with Biodiesel


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The test is still ongoing, but preliminary results of a 2-million mile road test of biodiesel fuel show positive benefits for Decker Truck Line Inc. The Fort Dodge-based firm is the first major trucking company to compare a B20 soy biodiesel blend to conventional diesel fuel. The "Two Million Mile Haul" has covered 350,000 miles toward its goal.

"What we've observed so far is great performance in the particularly cold winter we experienced," says Dale Decker, spokesman for the trucking company. According to Decker, observations have shown cleaner engine oil, less engine wear, decreased maintenance due to increased lubricity, and no cold weather issues even with temperatures in the single digits.

A B20 biodiesel (blend of 20% biodiesel and 80% petroleum diesel) is being used in 20 company trucks that travel from Decker's Fort Dodge terminal to either Chicago or Minneapolis. All trucks have Caterpillar engines built to EPA 2004 and 2007 emissions levels.


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