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'Deo vindice
In IAO's Total Information Awareness System the goal is to detect, ID, classify and track potential anti-government targets through multi-agency OPs. The program is an ongoing research project designed to acquire data through advanced technological applications for surveillance.
The All-Seeing-Eye in IAO's logo is watching, listening, and tracking the whole globe. Judging by their stated areas of research, I think the plan is to marry ' psychic spying' with Echelon technology - thus the use of a recognized occult symbol for a logo. How's that for your tax dollars at work?
IAO got its first director on February 13, 2002, the "unscrupulous" John Poindexter. The former National Security Advisor under Ronald Reagan was convicted of conspiracy, lying to congress, destroying evidence in the Iran Contra scandal, defrauding America and has been accused of cocaine smuggling by Costa Rican government (according to the Guardian).
Poindexter had already been working for years with DARPA to develop Genoa, an intelligence mining, and information harvesting system. Basically it is designed to listen in on our electronic conversations. The Information Awareness Office employs Poindexter's Genoa and an advanced version called Genoa II.
You can be sure that he authorized the logo in order to thumb his nose at congress and give them a little reminder of just how much power Bush has really given him. Since Poindexter had his convictions overturned in 1990 (in exchange for testimony), Dubya feels the American public need not worry that such a man is at the helm of America's new surveillance behemoth. I guess he figures that conspiring against the American public (again) is above the character of Mr. Poindexter. Mr. Skull & Bones thinks you should have faith in your new Big Brother. The All-Seeing-Eye is protecting you.
By Terry Melanson

This is old news , but very much relevant today. Look on the back of your dollar bill and compare the logo with the logo of the I.A.O.

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