Truckers Should Boycott California


I have read and would/will support a truck shutdown to get changes made in this industry,however as it is being pointed out, the people organizing it are not very organized. The jan 3 to 8th dates are the most common dates i have seen on the net and heard about on the radio.

While I am watching that go on I am asking all drivers that is owner/operators company and union alike to join me in a boycott of California over the CARB rules, anti idling, the mandated emissions rulings that will cost every truck owner tens of thousands of dollars per truck to comply with ect.

Everyone should be concerned with the anti idling laws and fines for they will start the first of the year with more being phased in over the course of the next several years, does anyone think that it is safe for a driver to try to sleep in 100 plus heat and then drive, or the other end 0 degree temps? are they crazy it just isnt safe and if you choose to protect your health by using your heater [and that includes any APU you might own] they will fine the hell out of you!!
lets see, chance heat stroke or freezing to death or being fined into bankruptcy some choice huh!!

Well I am calling for a third choice EVERYONE boycott CALIFORNIA they have made it plain they do not want us there and that our health and lives are not worth anything so I am asking that we just say no to that state.

This is something that can be done even if a national truck shutdown is doomed to failure because we are all into this together it will effect all of us so I am asking that starting jan 1st and continuing indefinably all truckers just say no to California freight,don't worry if at first it looks like you are alone in this,you are not!!! thats the beauty of this, it can keep adding new people and grow for as long as that state sees fit to jeopardize our health and well being.

Now if we cannot get together on something that has the potential to kill each and everyone of us, then we are really lost as an industry and as a nation of free people, this is an injustice that must be made right!!!

So am I talking to an empty room or are there people willing to stand with me on this and spread the word far and wide and get this wrong righted!!!
This one is pretty easy for me. The company I work for used to go from Texas to California and back to Texas every week. We stopped doing that at the beginning of this year and starting running in the opposite direction due to the things going on in California.

I have no desire to ever see California again.

I had to give this thread a 5 star rating. Very well thought out, and also a proposal that I think many people should consider. Many owner operators have joined in on this thinking and no longer go to California. Hopefully many more will do the same thing, and hopefully some companies will join in on this as well.
I would also like to add that I think truck drivers can actually organize to get things like this accomplished, and that it shouldn't stop with this proposal. As we continue to come together as a growing community here, I think we can bring other issues to the table and form boycotts of other places and/or companies.

It will take a much larger number than what we currently have, but over time I think this is something that can actually work, and it is one of the main reasons I wanted to get this community started.
thank you Bullwinkle, I actually though about what you and some others said about the truck shutdown and had to agree that it is not well planned and doesn't have an agenda, I still would support something like it but it seems to be falling apart.

The call for a boycott is an easy one Ca. is making it impossible to drive truck in California and what worries me is that their insane ideas will spread across the country to all the other states.

As far as the larger numbers go thats the beauty of this there is only one message,that we all can agree on,its open ended so as long as people are spreading the word it will only grow.

There is also the benefit that if we can accomplish this the rest of the country will see that the trucking community can and will stand together so they may begin to address some of the other wrongs.

This is such a wrong thing to do that not only the drivers but as illustrated in your post, the trucking companies themselves can agree on and be proactive in fixing, [it ain't often you have a subject that drivers and companies can get together on but Ca. managed it].

all we need to do is keep posts like this going ,talk to people about this,eventually it will reach critical mass, there doesn't even have to be a bunch of meetings to get it ended all that has to be done is for Ca. to treat the trucking community fairly
Started this several months ago myself. California will have to change quite a bit before they ever see my truck in their state again.
I live in California, when I leave I will also practice this. I ABSOLUTLELY SUPPORT THIS ACTION. I am a victim, all aspects of this state's laws focus on getting money from anyone, especially those who are visiting. Tell all your friends, only if the outside money ceases to exists will California begin to change. MAKE THIS BOYCOTT WORK FOR CALIFORNIANS TOO.:troll2:
Company Drivers:

While you may not be able to stay out of California, you can also help in a boycott like this. Here is how.

  • If you get any choice in loads, stay out of California as much as possible.
  • When you do get sent to California, don't purchase anything in the State unless it is an absolute necessity. Fuel your truck before going in if possible, and only purchase enough fuel to get out of the State when you leave. Don't purchase anything from the truck stops or any other stores within the State.
Believe it or not, this will be noticed almost immediately. Just think how much money leaves a truck drivers pocket and goes into the economy in that State just for the purpose of purchasing food and drinks while you are there.

Keep this in mind if you are a company driver and want to help the trucking industry.

I have stuck this thread at the top of the forum so everyone that finds this forum will be sure to see the message that is being sent. Company drivers and owner operators CAN work together and help each other. While a company driver may not be able to do some of the things an owner operator such as shut down, or stay out of specific states, as you can see in this post, there are still ways you can help.

We need to give this industry back to the drivers, and stop letting others push us around. Unite and work together, it is possible.
these are all good ideas but I still believe a strict adherence to the rules about driving while tired will make the companies see the light, and the ones that are worried about being fired remember they cannot fire you for obeying the rules, tell them if they don't like it then either pay for your motel or support the boycott and get the problem solved once and for all
This is absolutely rediculous! being a truck driver is not exactly an easy job on top of that you have to work to keep fit as your setting on your ass all day. Truckers give us food, water, oil, gas, milk, and just about everything!!!! its not all done by trains and trains these days dont go through every town! think about it, if we did not have truck drivers every store in town would be empty, the gas station would not have gas, restaurants would not have food to make ect....the list goes on. Now CA has to make it Even harder on the truckers???? What about when its freezing cold? rite now its only 8pm in So Cal and its ouready 40 degrees! now all of our truckers are forced to pretty much sleep in the freezing cold?? thats wrong Just plain WRONG
i highly doubt ANY such boycott will even work. let's face it, people need things, and i place us drivers as "people". we need food, we need fuel, we need showers, etc, etc. there is no way, even a few dozen or so "boycotters" will make anyone wake up and smell the coffee. if we were to "boycott" californification, we will/would need to boycott all the rest of the continental US states, as most will/are going to follow cali's lead in pollution laws. so, what will anyone do then....??

stay out of the other states as well.........??

not gonna happen.

not today....

not tomorrow........

not ever..........

all talk............nothing more.............
you hit the nail on the head we need to stop this insanity in California BEFORE it spreads it will be a lot easier now and will give the other states pause.
And remember if we give into this there are even worse things they are planning but haven't implemented yet for fear of uniting the truckers against their plans.
you hit the nail on the head we need to stop this insanity in California BEFORE it spreads it will be a lot easier now and will give the other states pause.
its going to happen, no matter what, read my next response.

And remember if we give into this there are even worse things they are planning but haven't implemented yet for fear of uniting the truckers against their plans.

we (as driver's or an occupation skilled trade), are a small amount that can be easily controlled by big brother and others.

take for instance this, the cell phone industry..........

if someone were to organize any type of ban on cell phones that prohibit a person from OWNING a cell phone, the cell phone industry in of itself, a multi billion dollar industry, with lobbyists in D.C., will come down so hard on those that wish/think/talk, about such a ban, that the so-called ban would be swept away before you blink an eye..........

now, the trucking industry........

we (as individuals) are what, under 15 million strong...?? against what...200 miilion strong car owners, that SUPPORT anti-idling laws....?? get it...??

the BIGGER NUMBERS win..............we senator, no congressman, no one...........not even any trucking group, which what, supports or has the support of 15 million (or less) truckers to back them up...??

who do you realisticaly think the politicians will listen to..??

the voters who LIVE in the state, or "outsiders"....???

we lost, before it even got off the planning board...........
I feel for the truckers. California is not very friendly toward you and as one poster eluded to ...."IF YOU HAVE IT, IT CAME TO YOU ON A TRUCK!"

I live and work in California and we need truckers just like the rest of the world does.
I'm not sure a boycott is the answer but a lot of attention to this problem is a good thing. Hopefully the attention will be in a postitive direction and improve the image of the trucking community in some way.

Right now, I think I will go out to the garage and play some pool.
Happy New Year!
the Italian drivers brought their government to the bargaining table in less than 3 days, when the people of California have to pay triple for things if they can even get what ever they want thats when they will change their tune, and judging from what I have heard and seen most people in Ca. don't stand behind everything CARb does to begin with .
when the store shelves start to be effected or the gas isn't there then there will be change after all if a trucker doesn't bring it then who will.
Also look at history in our own country in the 70's the truckers said enough was enough and shut this country down for a few days it didn't take long for the government to cave and give the truckers what the wanted,I am not going to get into whether what they wanted was the right thing or not the point is they got together and got a lot done in a very short time, The truckers back they had a lot of guts and backbone, I have always figured that todays truckers would find that backbone when their back were against the wall but I am starting to wonder just what todays truckers are really made of with all the negative, it can't happen because replies you all act like a bunch of sheep that big business with the help of big government is leading to slaughter.
This can work if the trucking community pulls together because the economy in California is already weak.

Having truck drivers boycott in any way possible, and do it as a determined group will be immediately noticed in their economy. Especially if company drivers join in and purchase as little as possible when they are sent there and can't get out of going.
good article from another site

[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica] C/P FROM ANOTHER SITE

Just found this post today, wrote an article last night about anti follows in rough draft for those of you who read my articles when I post them here.

Anti Idling: Affecting Driver’s Health and Safety?

Anti idling laws are becoming more prevalent as time passes, add to them the high cost of fuel used to idle and you will find few companies or trucking organizations that will take on the states with the anti idling laws. While o/o’s can buy their own apu units to keep their trucks warm or cool, we company drivers are for the most part left out to sweat or shiver. Some companies are trying to put apus on their trucks or deep cell batteries that can run fans or small heaters but a lot of companies can not afford the cost of apu units or other technology. This puts the driver at risk through not being able to idle his truck due to laws or having to burn more fuel for their companies to stay comfortable while parked.

California had a reasonable anti idling law until January 1st of 08. The state did allow drivers to idle when in the sleeper resting or sleeping. Now, a driver is not allowed to idle their truck except for 5 minutes every hour. Many other states have this type of regulation where if it is above or below specified temperatures, a driver may idle their truck for so many minutes an hour. This type of thinking does not take into consideration that the driver is having to wake every hour and break their rest to at least attempt to stay a little comfortable.

The body regulates temperature through a process known as thermoregulation which is the ability of an organism to keep its body temperature within certain boundaries, even when temperature surrounding it is very different. Too low of a body temperature results in hypothermia which is dangerously low body temperature, below 95F. As people develop hypothermia, their abilities to think and move are often lost slowly. Too high of a body temperature results in hyperthermia which is dangerously high body temperature 102F.

In researching this topic, I could find no studies done about truckers and the extremes in temperature they will have to endure when not being able to idle their trucks. I did however find studies from the military, fire departments and OSHA among others.

The fire department has this to say about how fast and how high a car can get too hot. From From a medical perspective, it must be understood that when a child or animal is locked in a vehicle, even when outside temperatures are fairly tolerable (a temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit, for example), the interior temperature of a closed vehicle can rapidly become lethal (over 135F) in a very few minutes.

The above is figured at 90F, if one is in Phoenix AZ in the summer where it can easily get to be well over 100F adding in radiant heat from the asphalt and concrete, it would follow that the interior of a truck could reach 150F or more.

The following graph from the US Navy is interesting because it tells of the effects of the different temperatures can have. Notice the body temperature where hypothermia starts. From Manual of Naval Preventive Medicine (NAVMED P-5010)
9-34. Types of Heat Injuries.
The type and number of heat injuries anticipated changes with environmental and physical factors. The spectrum of heat illnesses ranges from mild to severe as body temperature increases as seen in figure 9-23 below.
Figure 9-23. Spectrum of Heat Illness

OSHA has identified the effects of extreme temperatures on workers, but not in relation to trucking. Notice what the effects of hypothermia and hyperthermia are, loss of concentration and difficulty focusing on a task for hyperthermia, for hypothermia: loss of ability to do complex motor functions, lethargy and mild confusion, and those are the first signs of it! Hypothermia can occur not only in freezing temperatures but also is common among the elderly who live in cold houses says OSHA. What about a driver in a cold truck? Can the effects on the human body be safe for truckers to chance?

Saving the company money by not idling the truck in today’s economy is important as is slowing the pollution caused supposedly by idling trucks. But is it worth the risk to a driver’s health or ability to rest properly so they can do their job safely? We hear and see many regulations being passed touting driver health and public safety while these same states and groups are supporting anti idling laws….could it be that they are talking out of both sides of their mouth or are just looking for quick fixes to long existing problems? I think so.

Ya’ll be safe out there
Truckers Strike March 3, 2008

Yesterday I heard there was going to be a truckers strike in California, March 3 threw the 8th 2008. Looking for information. Strike aimed at high fuel cost and low freight pay. From what I understand being broadcast by CB and texting mess. I would support such an idea and hope it will be by others. If this is going to happen. I do believe truckers need to become more organised so that we all help out.
Yesterday I heard there was going to be a truckers strike in California, March 3 threw the 8th 2008. Looking for information. Strike aimed at high fuel cost and low freight pay. From what I understand being broadcast by CB and texting mess. I would support such an idea and hope it will be by others. If this is going to happen. I do believe truckers need to become more organised so that we all help out.

frankly, EVERY STINKING YEAR, someone talks about a friggin strike.........

its so damned old...........

nothing gets done.....people "talk the talk" at the truckstops, on the cb radio, but when it comes time to "walk the walk", carefully watch as those @sswipes walk away.....people want things done, but they don't do shiot about it....

its friggin sickening every friggin year to hear this crap about strikes, or boycotts or work slowdowns..

there are way too many trucking companies out there, the Jb Hunt's, the CR Englands, the Swift's, Owner-operators, etc,etc, that WILL RUN THROUGH ANY SO-CALLED job action, it ain't funny...................

go ahead, don't run, boycott, strike, whatever......

someone who WILL RUN, WILL DO SO, and earn a paycheck that week.........

there is NO ORGANIZATION of truckers. we are so independant and full of ourselves, we think we are above everything that the "other guy will do it for me"...........

and you all know that's true.

don't come here and say something stupid like, "well i'll be striking, or boycotting", because you know, you are so full of shiot...........

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