Truckers rally in Oklahoma City


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There was a rally at the state capitol in Oklahoma City on Monday, April 23, with about 75 sign-carrying truckers joining forces with people who oppose illegal immigration to protest the government’s cross-border trucking plan.

OOIDA member Jay Riley of Yukon, OK, was one of the organizers. Riley told “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio the crowd totaled about 200 and drew coverage from numerous newspapers, radio stations and TV stations.

Riley said the truckers did not participate in any kind of slow-moving convey – a tactic other groups have proposed.

“We didn’t want to do anything like that,” Riley said. “What we wanted to do was get soccer moms ticked off at the government – we didn’t want them to get ticked off at us … If we get them ticked off at the government, we’ll get more results.”

Riley and his wife, Claret, are team drivers. They founded a group called Americans for Safe Highways and Secure Borders, which opposes the cross-border Mexican trucking initiative.

Had I know about this, I might have joined them. Been sitting here at the truckstop resetting my hours with nothing better to do, LOL
Now, that is how you do it the "right way".

Hopefully this made some people think, seems as if it got plenty of news coverage, at least locally.
Glad to see drivers standing up for what they believe in. I personally don't know how this will affect my job, but I do have concerns regarding National Security and for that reason don't want to see this border opened up any time soon.

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