Truckers have trouble finding places to park their rigs


In God We Trust
SALINA, Kan. – Truckers who are required by law to take rest breaks say they often have a hard time finding public places to pull over.
They say truck stop parking lots and roadside rest areas are often filled with idling 18-wheelers, especially in the evenings. That's a problem for truckers, who are required to pull over after 11 hours of driving and rest for 10 hours.
Michael Brown, who's been a trucker for three years, said he sometimes has to stop along an Interstate highway exit or entrance ramp.
"They're just going to have to build more truck stops," said Brown, who was taking a break recently at Bosselman Travel Center in Salina.
The most recent figures from the American Trucking Associations show that 2.7 million tractor-trailers rigs were on the nation's highways in 2004, with drivers logging 117.8 billion miles.
A 2002 study from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) found that Kansas is one of 23 states that don't provide enough truck parking spaces at public facilities. Kansas was not among 12 states with the most acute parking problems only because of it provides private truck parking.
Thats a HUGE problem in many places. In my town, for truckers there is no place to park when they come home for the weekends so the town is looking into putting one in. Hubby has been known to pull over the the side of off ramps....that scares me to death!
As Fuel prices climb there should be less Truck parking problems as more Trucks are parked indefinitely.
$4.509 for Diesel today in Greensboro, NC.
How many O/Os will be operating at $4.759 or $5.00 and above??
How many can operate NOW??

Parking problems are irrelevant as the future of Trucking is looking bleaker by the next day.
i foresee LTL becoming the wave of the future. otr will become obselete eventually. LTL companies will put up terminals around the country and go from city to city. it's a win-win.

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