Truckers: Few Kansas rest sites


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Truckers: Few Kansas rest sites

SALINA - Truckers who are required by federal law to take rest breaks say they often have a hard time finding places to pull over in Kansas.
Truck stop parking lots and roadside rest areas are often filled with idling 18-wheelers, especially in the evenings. That's a problem for truckers, who are required to pull over after 11 hours of driving and rest for 10 hours.
"If you're not at one of them by 5 o'clock in the evening, you ain't finding a parking spot," said 30-year trucker Mark Aubin as he watched semis fill the parking lot at Newell's Truck Stop at about 6 p.m. Sunday.
"I prefer to run legally as much as I can," Aubin said, "but there are times when it's just not an option."
Michael Brown, who's been a trucker for three years, said he sometimes has to stop along a highway exit or entrance ramp.
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i know pats say that for some truck stop that ya have to make sure your there at the right time or you dont have a place to park or you have nuts that just park any way and block others in

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