Trucker ticketed in California while searching for parking spot

OOIDA member Robert Edwards of Ozark , MO , knows firsthand about the dire parking problem facing truckers who travel the nation's highways. Edwards, a produce hauler, received a ticket last week and was placed out-of-service for being out of hours while he was looking for a place to park his rig.

This kind of thing sucks for the driver.
I have run into various difficulties while driving in unfamiliar places and professional truck drivers have to deal with unfamiliar places almost daily.

As a professional driver we should think before we even start that engine. Where am I going, how do I get there and what do I do on the way as well as when I arrive.
Think and plan it out before you even turn a wheel. Be sure you think of contingencies that will help you when the unexpected happens.

Don't let the situation get the best of you and know ahead of time that the authorities are not going to be understanding or sympothetic to your plight. You have to anticipate and be prepared. Make your own life easier for yourself. If there are doubts about any part of your trip try to get those resolved before they become a problem for you and you'll be glad you spent that extra few minutes before you started the engine.

Good luck and as a Californian I would just like truckers to know I feel your pain. You have a tough life and sometimes the only one on your side is you so think ahead and take care of yourself.
the driver is quoted as saying,

“The rules are there to protect and to set a standard; I understand that,” he said. “It was my fault that I pushed my hours, but I feel it’s the nation’s responsibility to provide truckers with good parking.”

i too am sorry he got was his fault, and he did know that.

also, the "nation" doesn't have any responsibility to provide parking.

looks like he was still looking for someone else to accept responsibility for HIS actions.

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