Trucker strike blah blah


In God We Trust
Look if you want to make a difference , do it right. Start small and show them you are serious and want to be heard. Any kind of a strike only hurts you , the driver, so things have to be done in a more tactical way. I'll give you a hint but am in no way in the position to start something as i am too busy dealing with gov't B.S. and trying to have the truth told there. Look if you want to hurt the industry and do it right, how about boycotting all these trucking shows to start out. They have so much money ibto these things that if noone shows up then they lose out. It will open a few eyes and they might start looking into what the real issue is. Good luck.
Some of us don't have time to go through all that red tape. The mills we haul to are gonna come off of it when they run out of logs to run through the mill.

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