Trucker not being charged


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He didn't squash anyone with the rig.

OTOH, going through a barricade is stupid. Thats not illegal either. Stupiity that is.


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Fb is successful tool on theirs hands. They create groups, do brainwashing of youngs, make them theirs future solders..


I agree, Facebook is basically nothing but fake news.
I don't know how I managed to misread that post.

But the mainstream media has been blaming all the Antifa terrorism on "white nationalists".


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I have checked all videos related to riots and vandalism in LA. These guys are black, white, hispanic, brown. If i would see only white guys i would think about white nationalists. No, white nationalists are not involved in this. And no connection to antifa. Looters and vandals are antifa's soldiers. They are mostly us citizens and i think they get paid for it..... or deeply brainwashed by some ideas.

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