Truck 'N Park Update

Truck 'N Park Update

The I-95 Corridor Coalition's Truck ‘N Park -- an automated system that advises truckers on the availability of parking spaces for commercial vehicles traveling on Interstate 95 -- has been up and running successfully for several months, and feedback from truckers about the system is needed. Feedback from users will assist in improving the information and tailoring the system to truckers’ needs. A feedback questionnaire is available on the Truck ‘N Park website ( or a comment can be left on the IVR phone system.

As a reminder, there are currently two public rest areas with truck parking information in operation in Virginia and Maryland, respectively:

· I-95 Ladysmith Rest Area, Northbound, Ladysmith, VA (north of Richmond)

· I-95 Welcome Center, Northbound, Laurel, MD (south of Baltimore)

The I-95 Corridor Coalition, and its funding partner, the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, encourage drivers to take advantage of this free, real-time system by visiting or by calling 855-TRK-PARK (855-875-7275).

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Truck ‘N Park can be accessed via the web at or by calling the interactive voice response system (IVR) at 855-TRK-PARK (855-875-7275). Truck ‘N Park can be configured from the website or phone system to automatically call a driver’s cell phone at a specified time with updates on the number of empty parking spaces in the chosen lot. To mitigate driver distraction, the specialized phone system has a variety of built-in safety features. For instance, when a Call-Back is requested, but a driver cannot take the call, Truck ‘N Park will stop calling after several rings and will try again later.

Truck ‘N Park was developed to save truckers time, so when they’re nearing a break they will know that there are spaces available to safely park their rigs.The number of open spaces at a given location is detected through in-pavement sensors, with data transmitted in real-time to the website and the IVR phone system. Drivers may use the system free of charge and as often as needed. The pilot program’s test period will continue for approximately four months, during which time truckers are encouraged to furnish feedback via the phone system or the website. Truck ‘N Park encourages safety first and reminds drivers to use hands-free devices only. Privacy will be maintained. No data will be retained about drivers or their vehicles. Please visit for more information.