Truck group attacks `green' plan


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LONG BEACH - A trade group representing harbor-area trucking companies Wednesday slammed the ports' proposed green truck program, saying it was unconstitutional, uneconomical and discriminatory.

The plan, supported by environmental and labor organizations, would establish a taxi-style permitting system for harbor trucks allowing only newer, lower-emission rigs access to marine terminals.

The California Trucking Association, whose members include many of the 1,300 licensed motor carriers serving the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, said the plan violates federal interstate commerce laws and undermines trucking deregulation rules established in 1980.

"The ports do not have the authority under federal and state law to come into an industry and completely change the business model," said local business owner and CTA member Patty Senecal. "It's an attempt at the city level to re-regulate interstate trucking and interstate trade."

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