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My wife and I are looking into driving team together. We have no experience truck driving and have been researching companies and schools. We contacted CRST recruiter, but after listening to all the promises that were made, I became leary and am not trusting them now. I guess the advice that Im looking for is on company paid cdl training. I understand that we will be on the road separate with a company trainer for a number of weeks with whatever company we choose. It seems to me that for a beginner that the really good companines will not hire graduates, like schneider. It looks to me that P.A.M trucking or USA truck would be a good choice for beginners. I appreciate any and all advice that you can give on trucking companies and paid cdl training. thanks
Any recruiter you talk to is going to make the company sound wonderful. If you two are looking to team, Schneider might be an excellent option for you. They do a large amount of drop and hook freight and they love teams.

On top of that, their in-house training program is probably one of the best, if not the best in the industry.
It definately looks through all the research that Schneider is one of the best to train with and to work for. The only problem we have with them is not receiving any pay for two weeks while in school, but I believe they will be our best option for starting out.
Look at the long term. Two weeks without pay during school is a very small price to pay for good training and good income down the road.

From all the teams I have talked to, you can make very good money with Schneider. They emphasize and prioritize their team drivers.
I do believe that it would be worth it considering everything i have read and the advice i have been given about schneider. They have an event in Jacksonville Fl. which is about 3 hours south of me with a recruiter on Sept 27. I was hoping to end my career as a corrections officer pretty quickly and we are both excited to get started. I sincerely appreciate your advice and I will call schneider tomorrow to see how soon we can get started. Thanks again, I believe they are the best choice for us.
I have always heard that USA trucking is a good company for beginners.. Don't know how well they would be for teams.. In fact, I always thought if you didn't have experience, you both have to go out with a different trainer before you get started on your own...
yes, that is what we have been told. We would both be out with a different trainer for up to 4 weeks depending on the carrier. We are still researching several companies trying to figure out the best fit for us. thanks
I just started back driving after a 6 year layoff I decided to go with Schneider. I had to go to refresher training for twoweek But the train was really good. I went to gainey school in 2000 and they tought me not a tenth of what Schneider taught me it a dame good school. I see why people say they give the best training in the industry.Plus they have a great O/Oprogram
I recently started back after about 3.5 years off the road. As you can probably tell, much has changed in a very short time.
I recently started back after about 3.5 years off the road. As you can probably tell, much has changed in a very short time.

Things change really fast nowdays. I am not sure I could travel with my wife 24/7 though. I think we would get on each others nerves.

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