Tri-State Express merges with Ward Trucking


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Tri-State Express Inc. is merging operations with Ward Trucking LLC and will form a new corporation, Tri-State Transfer LLC.

Tri-State Transfer will operate in West Virginia and will focus on both direct and interline shipments. The Ohio operations already have been integrated into Ward Trucking LLC, according to a press release from Tri-State Express.

Tri-State Transfer will offer an expanded direct service area, and will keep on staffers from Tri-State Express and Ward, the release said.

Ward Trucking is a freight transportation provider that serves 21 states, while Tri-State Express is a West Virginia-based LTL motor carrier that services Ohio, West Virginia and surrounding areas.

Tri-State Transfer will be led by General Manager Keith Earles and focus on the transfer of both customer and interline business within the West Virginia market and including Ward Trucking’s broader service area.

The transfer of operations will occur in phases and is expected to be completed within upcoming weeks.

Tri-State Transfer will not offer service to Kentucky, but Tri-State Transfer and Ward Trucking will continue to provide service to West Virginia, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.
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