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Hello! My fiance and I are new to the trucking industry and will be graduating from truck driving school next week. We are looking for a company that will train us together. Does anyone know of a good, reputable company that trains team together? Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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welcome to the forum. check out conway. they run teams and recently joined up with cfi. you can go to and they have a section just for teams and that will give you a place to start looking. good luck.

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You can also check into Schneider. Everyone bashes them, but for new drivers they aren't half bad. Their pay is weak, the trucks are slow but with out a doubt you will learn what you need to when you need to. Just don't commit to more then a year, a year in a pumpkin is a long, long time. After a year and you still like them then stay if you guys don't then move on.

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