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There was a post in the NewsPaper yesterday.. It was the one year memorial of a trucker that had been found in his truck.. He was "gone" for 3days before anyone found him...He was parked in a local parking area for 3days.. His truck was idling and someone just happen to notice that it was the same truck that they had saw the day before... What a tragedy.. I think everyone should have a "safety network". Have someone you call everyday.. or at least every other day. so that if anything ever were to happen, someone would know something was wrong.. Its such a tragedy that the man was dead for 3 days before anyone even noticed...
That is so sad! I agree, everyone should have someone looking for them before that. I can't believe that his dispatcher at least wasn't looking for him....
That is one reason I keep my GPS on my cell active at all times. It may be used against you by DOT. But if something happens, and I don't call in. At least they will have a way of tracing me, unless there was foul play involved and the foul player has my phone. Plus we use Qualcomm, and if you don't respond to their msgs and are under a load, someone will find out what's up. The bad thing there, if I have a wreck and the batteries are damaged, all they have to go on is the q/c history trace.
My hubby will tell you that if we can't get in touch with him that we panic. Not right away (which is what he thinks) but after several hours of his not returning a phone call, yeah, we worry. It's our job. We are his family!
i hope the person went peaceably.i made four recoveries of drivers who passed when i worked for cal ark in the 80"s. dying alone is a tragedy . i hope he found peace. cosmo 6486
How sad for you! I too hope that driver found peace and is now watching over all the other drivers still on the road.
accer.its a thankless profession,your late for delivery ,they bust on tell them your low on hours and need to break bet your next load is garbage.cops are always looking to write that summons for anything they can find,and oh yes the employer who thinks your only as good as your last delivery.stress is the killer out here. i wish i could be positive but reality is what it is.cosmo 6486
I have had several friends die in their tractor. A couple of them I thuink would have wanted it that way. But I miss them just the same.
That is so terrible that he was there for 3 days. Even though I am divorced the Ex calls the kids every night, so at least we know he is alive.

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